Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick and Pen Pal Eyeliner Review

Quick review on these Hello Kitty products today :]

Click below for more info and pictures!
I know I'm being a slowpoke for posting them long after the release, and by this point it's basically sold out at Sephora, so I do apologize.  As of now, I have seen some of these products still in Sephora, either by themselves or in one of the Hello Kitty Makeup Collections. I'll link them here:

I've also seen them around Amazon, and other sites as well.

Here are some of the swatches of the ones I have:

left to right: goodnight dreams, cookies, birthday cake, cupcake

  • Goodnight dreams is a nice black color, I wouldn't say it's one of those blackest black types, but it, if that makes sense.
  • Cookies is a nice dark chocolate/brown pearlescent color, which is the least shimmery of the three.  I like using this color as a liner sometimes, or just to help intensify the other colors to complete a makeup look.
  • Birthday cake is a nice light brown pearlescent color, which does have some shimmer in it. I tend to use this around my tear duct area to make my eyes pop, or around the inner 1/3 of my eye.
  • Cupcake is a pale golden/beige pearlescent color, which also has shimmer in it.  I like using this also for the same purposes as Birthday Cake, as well as a highlight color. 
Again I'm sorry for lagging on a product that's been out for forever, but I'm still a newbie at the whole blogging thing.  Hope you guys forgive me and have a wonderful night :]