Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun and Inexpensive Craft Idea! Painted Jewelry/Knick Knack Box!

Hello there! :] Here is a simple and little quick arts & crafts project for you guys! All you need is a little wooden box and some acrylic paints and brushes.


For more information and pictures, click below!

I went by my local dollar tree store to look for extra supplies for a previous project, and I stumbled upon this plain, little wooden box. They offered this square shaped as well as a thinner rectangle shape.  For only $1, I thought, why not? let's see what we can do with this!

So I set to work on it, and this is what happens...

I used a bigger paint brush to coat the box with a turquoise acrylic paint by folkArt, and used a smaller detail brush to paint on the butterflies with a shimmering silver by Dazzling Metallics, though I think using folkArt's silver sterling 662 would have been a little bit better.  My Dazzling Metallics is old, and the paint was really watery for some reason, but the folkArt branded acrylic paints have been doing just fine for me.

The butterflies were the same ones I used from my last art project, which I'll link here for you. Just do a bit of searching online and I'm sure you will find a good butterfly design. All you have to do is scale them to different sizes, cut them out, and trace them onto the box. Not too bad, right? :]

And there is the lovely creation!

It's a really cute and inexpensive gift idea, and you can personalize it to however you want as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this little arts & crafts idea! :]