Saturday, May 11, 2013

Very Simple and Easy Gift Wrapping Idea!

Why hello there lovelies!

Here's a little quickie on a gift wrapping idea!

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First of all, please excuse the wrinkley-ness of the gift.  This was a very last minute thing, and I was stuck with what little stuff I had.

What you will need:

  • String/Ribbon of any kind
  • Lighter
  • Tissue/Packaging/Etc Paper
  • Tape

Using a couple tissue papers, I wrapped the gift as though it's just wrapping paper, being very cautious, as tissue paper is very easy to rip.  Keep in mind that if you don't use enough tissue paper, you could still see through it (and that would reveal what the gift is! :[ ) 

Looking around the room for any kind of ribbon, I couldn't find any, so I took the handle from the Sephora shopping bags and trimmed the edges so it was easier to work with.

I created a bow with the string...(whatever you call it)-make two bunny ears, one ear under and through the other one and pull! and then adjust it to your liking!

Then I just used the lighter at the ends so it wouldn't fray, and leave a nice clean look.

...Taped it to the corner with double-sided tape, and that was that! (See... I told you it was simple!) :]

Just another gift wrapping idea for you guys, even though I'm sure there's a lot out there now!

Stay tuned for a review coming soon! :] Have a lovely day!