Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun Diagonal Nail Design


Today I have a fun nail design to share with you guys that has a nice pop of color and sparkles and all that good stuff!

Products I used are:

First, you just have to start off with a bright base color. The one I had around was a really nice mint green.  A couple of coats made it very opaque and just a good bright color for the summer season.  

After that application, I went ahead and used a duochrome color- a purple, silver/green kind of color with microglitter in a diagonal stroke motion across the nail.  One thing I should have done is do a second coat of this, as in the picture it just shows the color after one coat.  The color doesn't really stand out as much as it should, because it is a little sheer.  I really like the effect this polish has on top of the solid mint green. It is a really fun play of colors!

Once that is completed, I decided to go with a top coat that has clear rectangular-like iridescent glitter, so when the light catches it, it'll show various colors. Using this, as opposed to a solid color glitter, doesn't make the overall nail design too overdramatic or crazy.

I really like how the glitters and sparkles work together, and it creates a really fun and playful look!