Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mini Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul and Review


Today I'm going to do something a tad bit differently, so bare with me (hopefully it works out)! I went by Bath and Body Works, and as some of you may know, they are doing their big semi-annual sale right around this time! So there are many, many discounts and deals as they try to get rid of all their summer selections to make room for the fall. There are sale bins all around the store, so I'm sure you'll be able to find something if you take a look around, and go crazy with their discounted items.  They have 75% and 50% off a wide selection of lotions and body washes, as well as candles! Candles originally $20 are now $11! They have $2.75-4 lotions and body washes! It's a great time to stock up on some goodies!

Now onto my little haul! 

Since I already have a number of lotions and body washes and candles (you have nooo idea how many candles I have!), there wasn't much I really needed.  You guys will soon learn that I am a huge candle person, and I have heard many things about the Watermelon lemonade candle that I just had to go out and buy it. Between you and me, I have gone to a number of stores looking for the big candle jar of the scent, only to be discouraged. That just shows you how popular these ones are. :( And a very sad face for me. The sales associate told me they had the 3 for $10 for the mini candles, and I asked her if they will ever have the big jars back in stock again, and she said most likely not. (I do know they currently still have it in stock online if you guys want to do some online shopping here. The scent is amazing! It is fruity and sweet, and it smells like watermelon to me, with a hint (a tiny hint!) of lemon.  I cannot stop smelling the candle; even as I blog now I'm still smelling it! :P Their candles burn pretty well and you can get a whiff of the fragrance whilst it's burning.  I personally don't like the mini candles as much as the huge ones they have, because it doesn't really diffuse around the room as well.

Moving on to the Secret Wonderland triple moisture body cream and shower gel. This scent is a favorites of my sister's.  The scent is described as "a thrilling blend of luscious strawberry, frosted jasmine petals, and white amber."  It is a very soft scent, nothing too overpowering. My sister was looking for more of the shower gel, so she grabbed another bottle.  In general, the shower gels from Bath and Body Works, aren't particularly appealing to me, they just seem like scented shower gels, nothing too fancy or moisturizing.  I did pick up their Bali Mango Glowing Body Scrub and I do like using that.  I am very picky about what I use as a body wash. It has to be moisturizing, I'm not particularly fond of the feeling of dry skin when I get out of the shower.  The triple moisture body cream is my favorite kind of lotion they have here.  It is so nice and creamy and very moisturizing!  The scent, in general, isn't strong and it keeps away dry skin!

There's my mini haul and review for you guys!

Did you guys pick up anything during their semi annual sale? Let me know!