Saturday, July 27, 2013 Mini Haul and Website Review (And Circle Lens Info!)

Hello there!

I have recently made my annual purchase (with my sister) at, and I decided that I'll share my experiences with this site for those of you looking around for colored and/or circle lenses. I will also give some more info about circle lenses that you may not have known before! :]

 A little history about me and the site!

This was not the first site I went to to purchase circle lenses, but this is the most frequent site I use.  I have been purchasing from them since 2010 (usually I'll restrict myself to making just one or two purchases per year from them, but happens. haha). Let me tell you a little bit more about the site itself.

Info about the site itself! 

On the website it states:
"Pinkyparadise is the largest online circle lens store. 
We believe circle lens is more than just colored contact lens, 
it redefines the beauty boundaries of eye makeup.  
Even more, it tells people who you are. Your eyes speak with Pinkyparadise."

I absolutely love how they say this, but they speak true to what they put up.  I've gone through websites and websites of circle lens stores, and this site, by far, has the widest selection of circle lenses I have seen.  They have any kind of circle lenses you could be looking for.  To name a few, you can find natural lenses, lenses for cosplay, colorful lenses, lenses with no prescription, lenses with prescription, and now they even have toric circle lenses for astigmatism! The site is very organized; you can search by brand, color, diameter, effect, cosplay, and even for light eyes! Now I do speak a lot about the circle lenses, but they also include beauty items in their shop as well.  

A feature I really love and appreciate from them, is that a lot of their contacts have real life pictures included so you can see pictures from people who purchased through them and shared on their facebook page.  I find that when I want to go out and try a new circle lens, that a lot of sites just include the picture/ad that the lens originally comes with.  Yes, it is useful, but I feel that it's not an accurate representation of the circle lens, and seeing people with them on makes a significant difference in how I see the lenses itself.  And it gives me an idea of how I'd look with them on. If you find yourself hesitant on purchasing a particular pair, there are also very useful reviews on their site and they give you all the information about the circle lens that you have to be aware of.

Let's talk about circle lenses and the whole controversy with it.

I could be wrong, but I believe it created a lot of attention on the news from Lady Gaga's music video back in 2010.  I do remember Michelle Phan having her famous Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look (which I'll link here), and an interview talking about circle lenses following that tutorial. Circle lenses have existed long before it became a popular trend in the Western countries, and people haven't complained about them before.

Circle lenses, as some of you may know, makes your irises appear larger; it makes you seem more doll-like.  It has not been regulated in the U.S. because doctors say that it could lead to blindness or infections, and I'll give you my two cents about that. Anything that you put in or around your eyes/eye area (now I say anything referring to regular contacts, make-up, or even you touching your eyeballs!) will cause infections or blindness if you don't keep up with maintenance. Regular contacts, colored contacts, circle lenses, will all result in the same consequence if you don't store them correctly or keep your hands clean when you're dealing with them.

You have to be wary when purchasing circle lenses.  I usually purchase my lenses right after I visit the eye doctor for a check up, and get an updated prescription. I use circle lenses to replace my regular contact lenses. Make sure when you purchase, that it is your correct prescription. They do include plano (0.0), which has no prescription so if you are just using it for the color or for cosplay, they have that available for you.

Most circle lenses have a 1 year disposal (as opposed to every 2 weeks disposal with the regular contacts). (There are some that are daily contacts as well!) This is my personal reasoning for getting circle lenses; it's worth it in the long run.  A pair of contacts from this site can typically range from a little under $20 to $26 dollars. Toric lenses on their site go up to almost $50. (They have just recently put this up, so it could take a while if you do plan on ordering toric lenses.)  Pinkyparadise has a lot of sales throughout the year (especially during the holidays), where you can get discounted lenses, or buy one get one free, etc.  If you decide to wear the contacts for a year (like me!), be sure that you rinse the contacts every night and switch out the solution in your contact case every night to prevent bacterial from getting on the lens. (You should be doing that for your regular lenses as well to prevent infections, or those annoying eye bubbles.)

Please be aware of the information they put up about the contacts. 
Not everyone's eyes can accommodate to wearing circle lenses. 

They include the diameter of the circle lens, which is usually 14mm/14.5mm.  If the diameter of the lens is bigger/smaller than your diameter, it might not won't fit well to your eyes, so if you were to blink, it would fold over and slide off, or just move all over the place. 

Base curve is also included. I usually see a base curve of 8.6mm.  How base curve works is that it's the curvature of your eye, and how the contact hugs that curve. If your base curve is smaller or at the base curve noted, it's fine for you to wear. If your base curve is larger than the one listed, you cannot wear it, or it could possibly damage your eyes. Think of it like a big bear hug or squeezing your eyes, not that comfortable. 

The last thing they usually list is the water content. Circle lenses have less water content then regular contact lenses. If you have dry eyes, circle lenses may not work out for you. My eyes are fine, but later in the day my eyes will start feeling very dry, and I may have to take them out, or use eye drops.  I will say that I use contacts for more than 12 hrs a day, which is very stressful on the eyes, and a very bad habit of mine. I wear them from the point I wake up to the point I go to sleep, so you can see how my eyes get very, very dry by the end of the day. I do not recommend anyone do that, haha :P  Usually, I would say, you wear contacts up to a couple hours before you sleep and switch to glasses. And I believe eye doctors recommend no more than 6-8 hours a day with regular contacts, so keep that in mind! That is the ideal thing to do.

Edit 28 May 2014! states that the lenses are made of polymacon/polyhema and water, and that the water content is usually 38% or 42%. They are approved by Korean FDA (KFDA), so they are safe by some standard, even though you must (must) be aware of contact lens care and the proper way to store and use them.

Here's what I got for my recent purchase:

  • G&G Angel Ex Grey (for the sister)
  • Geo Tri Color Grey
  • Macaron Lens Case in Pink and Deep Blue (freebies! You get a free lens case with each lens you buy, and you can request the color and which lens case (animal/macaron) you want.
  • Freebie eye mask thing and velcro hair strip (I found a free gift with purchase of each lens promo code online) ~I have a promo code below if you want to use it!~
Reviews for the circle lenses will be up at some point in the future!

Sorry for such a long post! Gold star for you if you read it all the way through! :]

Edit: 18 March 2014! I have recently obtained a coupon code for misschristineey !

    If you use the coupon code:
  1. You are entitled to a free cute animal lens case plus a mystery gift!
  2. The coupon code can be stacked, so if you purchase 3 pairs, you will get 3 lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts.
  3. A minimum of 1 pair of circle lens must be purchased to activate the code.
*Just a side note, if you do use the coupon code, I will in no way get commission from it. The only way I would get commission is if you were to click on any of my affiliated links. Thank you for the support though if you do choose to use it! :]

**Please be aware of the risks and consequences of circle lenses before you make any purchases. Not everybody's eyes are suitable for circle lenses.**

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. A small commission is made from your purchase if you do use it.