Monday, July 22, 2013 Haul and Website Review

Hello lovebugs!

I recently ordered a small handful of items at, and I figured I could share what I got with you, as well as my experience with the site.

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So I guess we can start with the website itself!

Sasa is the leading cosmetic retailing group in Asia.  They offer a very wide selection of brands and products ranging from skincare, fragrance, makeup, hair care, supplements and many more! I am not kidding you when I say they have a lot(!!!) of products available on their site.

On the site, you can change the location and reference currency for easy viewing and conversions based on wherever you live (keep in mind though that it is only a "reference").  Regardless, this makes it very convenient to shop around the site, so you guys wouldn't have to worry about how much a product is in euros, dollars, or pounds. It'll convert it for you (though only H.K dollars and U.S dollars are accepted as transaction currencies).  I really appreciate this feature especially for a company based in Asia.  You can also translate the page to whatever language suits your fancy!

When you are on the site, you will see that the layout is very typical for a cosmetic/shopping type of site. There are various tabs and numerous categories within the tabs.  Even when you click through the sub-tabs, there will still be pages and pages and pages of search results.  This I found was very overwhelming, and I am not very fond of it, but I guess because they do have so many products, this is as good as it gets when you're browsing around the site.  If you have a particular brand in mind, it will greatly reduce your search results, so if you are looking for a particular product, go by brands to see if that will get you to what you want to see a little faster.  In that sense, it is easier (and less stressful!) to navigate through the site.

The site always has new sales and deals, which are pretty nice. They currently have free U.S shipping for purchases of $29 or more, which what I personally took advantage of! They do have this deal based on your location, so I suggest you take a look and see what little goodies you could buy.

Onto the shipping details!

I did the standard shipping, which was part of that deal I mentioned before.  I ordered the 26th of June and I received information about them shipping it out the 28th.  Because it was standard shipping from Singapore to the U.S., they said it would take around 14-21 business days (which is the saddest thing ever).  This is a very typical range of days for receiving orders in U.S. from Asian countries (can't do anything about that, unless you go for the expedited shipping). I received my order the 15th of July (but again, it's all in the hands of your mail carrier when your package arrives). For the whole processing time from the moment I ordered to the moment it shipped out, I give it five stars!

Onto the haul!

The main reason I went on the site is to buy the Fairy Drops Mascara, which I will probably give a review on it in the days to come. I've heard various YouTuber and bloggers rave about this product and how it keeps those Asian lashes up! (So I must give it a try, right?)

I was browsing around the site and I came across the Strawberry Sponge Hair Curlers and I could not resist. They are so kawaii =^_^= (Asian girl moment right there!) haha. I've seen them around sites for a few dollars more, and this is the best deal I've seen on them. I will probably do a review on this as well, so stay tuned for that!

I also saw that they had a deal with the My Beauty Diary Strawberry Face Mask which I went for, as I already used up my other ones. (Review of the My Beauty Diary Black Peal Mask here). I've tried one already and it smells like I have a strawberry smoothie on my face!

The last thing I got was a Face Massage Roller type thing, and that's just to stimulate the blood circulation in your face, and give you that V-type face (which slims down your face!)

And there you have it, my little haul and review of the site.  I know that after my experiences with the site, this will be one of my go-to sites for Asian cosmetics!

What sites do you guys go on to purchase Asian cosmetics? Let me know! :]

Have a wonderful day!