Monday, August 12, 2013

Manicure Monday! Featuring Etude House's Ice Cream Nail Polish in Grapefruit #OR201

On ring finger, OPI's White Shatter

Another start to a new week filled with opportunities! Today's Manicure Monday will feature Etude House's popular ice cream polish in Grapefruit!

This nail polish is part of the Etude House Ice Cream Collection.  There are eight total of these cute little nail polishes in the collection.  Etude House also has another Ice Cream collection featuring four glitter polishes.  These little cuties have been all over blogs and the interwebs recently because of the adorable packaging...who could say no to little ice cream cone polishes?! Anyways...

I guess I would describe this color as a coral, peachy kind of color. It is a very nice color for the summer; very bright and mood uplifting.  It is a cream polish that makes me think of a creamsicle!

As cute as this polish is, I did not really enjoy the formula. It is a bit thick, which I'm sure a polish thinner would help with it.  The application was a little bit streaky.  It is very opaque, but with one coat it is obvious there is some streaky business going on there. Two coats helped with that a little bit, and my wonderful Seche Vite top coat fixed up the rest! (In the picture is two coats of polish with the top coat.) Since I have heard a lot of talk about the whole applicator brush I'll post a comparison of it with Essie's brush:

Essie's Guilty Pleasures polish (right)
Yes, it is a little bit fatter than normal, but I personally didn't have any issues with brush itself. (Besides my poor smaller nails...the evil polish got on the skin around the nails.) The whole cone shaped handle does make it a little more difficult to hold onto, but again, it was not any major issue to me. The longevity/quality of the polish is chips a little easier than normal polishes.  The pigmentation is nice; it's has a very good color payoff. I thought it'd be a little bit more pink, but it's nothing to complain about. It looks like a tropical smoothie on my nails! 

I bought this from an Asian cosmetic site, for $1.60. They do charge you for S&H; I haven't really understood how it works yet, but I'll include it in my website review when I figure it out. If you only buy the polish from the site, you'll be charged with $4.38 for S&H. I bought a handful of items and was charged $5.97. I'll do the math and let you know later! (It's Monday -_- the less math the better! haha)

The little ice cream shaped polishes were too cute of a packaging to pass up on.  Even though the polish itself is nothing to be extremely excited about, it's still decent for the price and for the packaging! 

I have gotten a couple other polishes from this collection, which I'll be sure to feature in a future Manicure Monday. Have a wonderful, wonderful week lovelies! :]

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