Monday, August 19, 2013

Manicure Monday! Featuring French Tips and Bows With Etude House Blue Mint BL601

It's another start to a new week! Don't fret, before you know it, it will be the weekend again! Today is not only a review (if you call it that) of a nail polish, but rather a nail art design! (tutorial...thing..) 

I will start off with the "star" nail polish of this design, which is part of the Etude House Ice Cream Collection. This particular color is in blue mint #BL601.  For whatever reason, I like the formula of this polish a little bit more than the grapefruit in #OR201 (full review here!) It doesn't seem as bad as the grapefruit, even though application is still a tad gloppy. It gets a bit streaky, but it's not a major problem. The brush is just like the other ones in its collection, I talked about it and had a comparison in the review I mentioned before. The longevity/quality of the polish is a bit better than the grapefruit as well. The pigmentation is gorgeous. The picture does not do it justice. It is a medium blueish green kind of color (teal?), the picture makes it look like it's just light blue with no green. The packaging is just adorable! I bought this with my other Etude House polishes on for $1.60+ S&H.

Onto the steps to creating this cutesy nail design!

Things I used:
  1. Use the scissors and cut enough strips to cover one hand.
  2. Position the tape however you want the design to be painted on the nail and make sure the edges are down.
  3. Use your first nail polish and paint in the tips. (Use as many coats as you want to get the right opacity. I used two!)
  4. Make sure you give your tips time to dry.
  5. Create a little nail polish puddle with your second polish, and grab that toothpick!
  6. Lightly glide the polish onto the nail forming two straight lines, like so |   | 
  7. Make little triangles with them and have them meet at a point.
  8. Using your third polish, make a puddle, and put a dot in the middle of your triangles, where it intersects. You can make the dots larger or smaller depending on the bow.
  9. Seal it off with a top coat!
  10. I used the same set of tape strips for both hands, but if the nail polish is all over the tape, just make more strips :]
  11. Repeat and you're done!

I'll probably do another nail artsy design like this in the future, maybe then the colors would look a bit nicer together! I guess if you ignore the whole bow thing, it can just look like a unique french mani haha.. (Oh well...learning experience for me :])

Enjoy your week lovelies! :]