Monday, August 26, 2013

Manicure Monday! Featuring Polka Dot French Tips

Hello lovelies :] Happy Monday!

I've still been obsessed with the french tips nail design, so here is another twist at the french tip nails for you!

Today's not much of a review, as I have recently done a review on the star of the nail polish design- Etude House's OR201 (check it out here). I'll just go ahead and give you a mini step-by-step procedure on how I did them. It's really simple and quick! (Doesn't seem that way huh? )

Things I Used:
  1. Grab your scissors and cut a strip of tape in half (just has to cover across the nail).
  2. Place the tape straight across your nail about 1/3 of the way down.
  3. Make sure the edges of the tape is down and paint your tip! 
  4. I reused a strip on two nails, before using a new one just to save tape, but do what you gotta do and finish up the rest of your nails.
  5. After they dry, grab your second nail polish and your toothpick! 
  6. Make a little polish puddle and grab your toothpick to start making the little polka dots in a zigzag pattern. They don't have to be perfect little dots...there can be some on the edges, on the ends, half makes the whole feel more interesting.
  7. Grab your top coat and seal away your work and you're done!
Not too bad, right? :]  I will be starting school this week, so I probably won't be doing my nails quite as often, mani mondays will be every couple/few weekish?...tear.

Regardless, I hope your week goes by wonderfully!