Saturday, September 7, 2013

(Dueba) Natural 3 Tones Grey Circle Lens Review

Hello there! It's been a while since I posted anything, but I hope everything's been going well with you guys! Today I am going to review the (Dueba) Natural 3Tones Grey circle lenses.

There are a lot(!) of colored lenses out there, both circle lenses and regular lenses, and just diving into the colored contacts world without having any idea of what you'd want to get can be very overwhelming.  Different colors alone can give you a completely different look, but if you add into the mixture, various designs that circle lenses give, you can get a brand new style. Now, with that being said, not everyone's eyes are suitable for circle lenses, because they are very limited in the way the contacts are made. I mentioned a lot of the circle lenses basics in my blog (here).

Now onto the review!
DollyEye Natural 3tones Grey
                                               image from                                                  
The design/color is not completely unnatural, but it is not as natural as I would like them to be. The lenses don't necessarily "blend" with my eyes, but my medium-dark brown eyes makes the color of the lens more muted (which I like). I like the design itself. It features a nice, dark outer ring (limbal ring). The "3 tone" effect (black, grey, gold) gives more life and dimension to my eyes, which I do favor in my circle lenses. The grey of the lenses give my eyes a blueish tint depending on the light, but the grey stands out.

The enlargement is not too dramatic with these lenses. As the name entails, it's more on the natural looking side. The enlargement, or I guess, the non-enlargement effect, is exactly what I was looking for. It doesn't give me the dolly eye look like a lot of circle lenses, but it gives that subtle and natural enlargement. Because of this, these lenses can be worn more on a casual, day-to-day basis, but it still works perfectly for those special occasions, adding that little pop of color to your eyes.

The comfort of the lens I have no problem with, though I've had more comfortable circle lenses. I am a very terrible contact lens user in that I will wear my contacts for 12+ hours at a time (from the point I wake up, to the point where I get ready for bed). It's a very bad habit to get into, because your eyes need to breathe, and contacts (of any kind) will dry out your eyes if you wear them for long periods of time. Suggested contact wear is 5-7 hours. I don't have any issues with the contacts until evening, where my eyes start to feel dry and get tired of contacts.  Occasionally, the contacts will be irritable, or it won't give me clear vision for a couple of seconds.

I think I covered the main things, so overall I would say they're not a bad pair of circle lenses to buy.  I don't think I personally would purchase them again, because there are so many grey lenses I want to try out.  These contacts look pretty nice at a distance; they look good in natural light as well. If someone is all up in your face, or if there is a bright light shining on you, people can tell you're wearing lenses. One suggestion I have is to not do staring contests with people, because they might freak out because of the combination of the colors and designs the contacts have :P 

Final rating:

Design: 9/10
Enlargement: 2/10 (but it's exactly what I wanted!)
Comfort: 8.5/10
Overall: 9/10

I purchased these lenses from (direct link here) for $19.50. They were cheaper than my favorite Every pair of contacts purchased from their site includes a free animal lens case. I do like this site, because they do feature a lot of circle lenses for prices a little cheaper than other circle lenses sites. They usually have all their lenses in stock, and because of that, I received my contacts two weeks after I placed my order. (Gold star for them!)

I couldn't make a serious face, but here it is in natural light. (Ignore those dark circles T_T)

Have a lovely weekend!

**Please be aware of the risks and consequences of circle lenses before you make any purchases. Not everybody's eyes are suitable for circle lenses.**

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