Monday, September 30, 2013

Manicure Monday! Featuring Essie's Rock the Boat

Happy Monday!

Can you believe it's almost October?! It seems like just yesterday it was summer vacation! I think from this week's Manicure Monday, you can tell I'm not ready for the autumn/fall colors yet, but I think it's a nice neutrally transition from hot, toasty weather to cooler tones. (And I'm still kind of obsessing over the bow nail art design...)

Essie's Rock the Boat is part of the Summer 2013 collection. I also have the Full Steam Ahead from the same collection, review here! It is described as a shimmering french blue. I personally would call this more of a robin egg blue kind of color, with not-so-much noticeable shimmer. If I were to relate it to summer, I would say it reminds me of that calm ocean water.  It's a pale blue color with little flecks of glitter that you really can't see unless your nails are right in front of your face.

The formula I don't particularly like. It's not like other Essie polishes. I had purchased Bikini So Teeny earlier in the summer, and I could not deal with that one and quickly returned it. This polish is a little better, but it's still not on par with other polishes. I personality don't like wearing more than two coats of a particular polish (just a preference). I feel like I'm just wasting polish if I keep on layering. From the picture, that is two coats (plus my Seche Vite top coat!), and I regret not doing three.  The application itself is not bad, but I had a difficult time keeping the color even on my nails. That's why it looks a little splotchy. Little disappointed with that. The quality/longevity of this polish I would not say is like other Essie polishes either. I feel like it chips a little bit easier, even with the top coat. Once you actually get the color on, the pigmentation is decent. I find this color is not a crazy, in your face blue. If you're not too adventurous on polishes and you are looking for a nice blue one, I would recommend this color, or this kind of color!

I think overall, even though I'm disappointed with this polish, I'd put in the extra effort to get this polish to work for me.  Essie makes some really nice colors, and this one is no exception. I'd give this a 8/10.

I purchased this at Ulta, with a $3.50 off $10 purchase coupon. That's when I bought the Full Steam Ahead polish. That roughly makes each polish around $6.25 before tax. Ulta has these coupons often, so just be on the look out for it if you want to buy the polishes from there.

Have a wonderful week!

I created a look before with inverse colors and the same bow type design here if you want to check it out. I will probably use colors that will contrast better in the future, so the designs can be more noticeable.