Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask Review

Hello there! I know I got these face masks a while back, but I never had a chance to do a review until now. I had mentioned them in my Sasa haul (here).

Basics about this product:

The purpose of the Strawberry Yogurt Mask is mainly for oil control.  It also soothes and moisturizes your face. This face mask is rich in vitamin C, as well as strawberry extract, which can help reduce oily skin, repair skin elasticity, and neutralize those free radicals! Free radicals are an essential part of life, but if you have too much of it, they can create wrinkles and faster aging skin. Who knew...strawberries are just as good to eat as they are for your skin! (and hair!)  This mask also has a soothing sensation and a cooling effect!

The suitable skin type for this face mask is designated for normal skin, as well as oil prone skin. I would say that this product is also fine for sensitive skin. These products are made with no paraben preservatives, alcohol, or florescent agent ingredients. The use of both parabens and florescent agent ingredients for cosmetic use has been a very controversial topic. They have been said to cause damage to your skin if used in excessive amounts, so I'd stray away from them.

The shelf life is three years, similar to other My Beauty Diary face masks. The date of production as well as the expiration date should be printed on the box, as well as on the individual face masks.

Now onto the review!

This is a sheet mask that is essentially soaked in the serum. Like my other MBD face mask, I would tend to take the mask out of its packaging, unfold it, and put it on my face, using the excess serum for my arms and legs. I don't have oil prone skin, but I did notice it helped reduce some of that shine. It also made my skin feel more healthier and alive. I really like the cooling effect that it gives.

The packaging is nice. There are little strawberries around each of the individually packed cloth face sheets, which adds to that "kawaii" factor. These make cute little add ons to gifts!

The scent as you can probably guess, does smell like strawberries, but it's not an artificial strawberry kind of scent. It actually smells like strawberry yogurt! The scent is not too overwhelming, and it doesn't last too long, but if you do not like scents, I wouldn't recommend this product.

The price ranges from $13-17 for a pack of 10. I got mine on Sasa with additional discounts for a slightly cheaper price. Here is the link though, of where I purchased it. I occasionally do find them individually on sale in various Asian (beauty) shops, but they range from $2.99-4.99.

I love My Beauty Diary face masks/sheets, whatever you want to call them. This brand has not disappointed me yet, and I know I will be making more purchases on their various face masks in the future.

I have also reviewed another face mask from their line, the Black Pearl mask (here) if you also want to check that out!

Have a wonderful day!