Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NYX Love in Florence 07 Prima Donna Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies! (: Recently, I've been trying out an eye shadow palette from NYX, and I feel that I have a better idea what the palette it's review time!

Info about the "Love in Florence" Line:

NYX's Love in Florence Line has 10 different eye shadow palettes. Each of these 5 color palettes is said to contain both shimmery and matte eye shadows, and they have a variation of two or three colors. Some of the colors found in these palettes are exclusively found in the line.  Because I love talking about packaging, I will mention that this palette features a cute bow (I love the bow!) where the closure is, and there is a clear cover which allows the colors inside the palette to be displayed. Because of that feature though, there is, of course, no mirror in the palette.  The palette also includes a dual ended eye shadow applicator- one end is larger to allow the eye shadow to cover the lids and the other end is smaller to do details.
Top: Wet swatches. Bottom: Dry swatches.

In the palette:
  • Frosty Champagne
  • Matte? Black with glitter
  • Shimmery Matte? Plum (least shimmer)
  • Shimmery Darker Matte? Purple (little more shimmer than Plum)
  • Shimmery Taupe (little bit more shimmer than Champagne)
Now for the Review:

The palette I purchased is in 07-Prima Donna, which features champagne, purples, and black. When I pick up the palette and just look at the colors, they look so (!) gorgeous. I was actually debating between this one and the 01-Meet My Romeo, which is the neutrals palette.  The deciding factor was actually the beautiful champagne color found in this palette.

Now, as pretty as the colors seem...they don't look as pretty on the eyes (if you don't put the effort in). The pigmentation isn't that good. From one swipe, I get either a powdery or shimmery (shimmer? bomb!) finish. It takes a good number of layers if I want the color to show up. Using a wet brush with the eye shadows, however, will give a better color payoff, but the darker purple is chalky.

Speaking about the finish of the eye shadows, there is no matte colors visible to me (I guess the black and two purple colors without the shimmer can be matte? if you can call it that.) If I were to describe the finish of these colors, I would say that there is two more satin-like (plum and purple) colors, one matte with shimmer (black) and the rest are shimmery frosty finishes. You must use a primer if you want any hopes of color on your lids, or if you want to blend out the colors, or it could get ugly.

Once you get the color on, it will actually last a good amount of time. So...for longevity I give it a gold star!  As much as I'm not that fond of shimmery shadows, I must say that there was not as much fall out as I initially thought there would be.

The palette gives a nice variation of colors which allows you go from a day to night look aimlessly! Very travel friendly in that sense.  Even though the quality of the eye shadows aren't to my liking, these palettes allow you to play with colors, without spending too much money to experiment. I've heard some people had better luck with the other palettes. These palettes retail at $8. I bought mine at Ulta for $7.99 and I had an additional 20% off Ulta coupon!

Which palette would you pick up from this line?