Friday, October 11, 2013

Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara Review

Hello lovelies!

Hope everyone's been well! Here is a review on the Fairydrops Platinum waterproof mascara in platinum black.

I have been looking around for a mascara that keeps my Asian lashes up and lively, and I heard a lot of good things from the Fairydrops' mascara. I had recently mentioned getting this product in a previous Sasa haul (here).

Info about the Product!

The "Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type" (as titled on the packaging), contains 5 kinds of treatment essence that will beautify and repair eyelashes.

If you're wondering what these five ingredients are, below I listed and described them:
  1. Hydrolyzed Collagen: acts as a conditioner and moisturizer.
  2. Squalane: an antioxidant that serves as a moisturizer. (As an extra note, in skincare, this helps prevent UV damage and formation of age spots)
  3. Sodium Hyaluronate: keeps those lashes hydrated.
  4. Simmondsia Chinensis, or as most people call it: Jojoba Seed Oil: also nourishes and hydrates.
  5. Panthenol: coats and seals lashes, lubricating and making lashes appear shiny. (You can find this in shampoos!)
Lots of moisturizing for this mascara!

Before mascara, after application, after 7 hrs.
Onto the review!

Well, you know I'm going to talk about packaging first, because I love talking about it... haha. The mascara is in a chrome-like pink tube with jewels and eyelashes in white. The design does not scratch off, even though it seems like it would.

The mascara wand is quite unique. It has three circular sections and it is curved.  The curve and area between the circular balls is designed to catch the lashes and curl even all the little ones at the roots.  The wand has soft, natural bristles as opposed to plastic ones. A downside to this is that the brush tends to have some shedding, but because the bristles are so short, it doesn't really matter to me.  The structure of the wand does make it harder to get the little lashes in the corners.

For the formula performance of this mascara, I give it a 10/10! I do see some lengthening, volumnizing , and curling with this mascara. The waterproof formula helps keep the lashes up and curled throughout the day. I don't experience any smudging or lashes falling down on me. The formula doesn't make the lashes feel crunchy (if you ever had such an experience) or clumpy. Because of the ingredients in the formula, the lashes stay soft and shiny. I can start petting my lashes and it won't feel hard or ruin the curl!

Because of the waterproof formula and various fibers and waxes this mascara has, it is a little difficult for removal. As this mascara claims, it is waterproof, sweat-proof, and tear-proof; this mascara simply does not budge! It'll take a little extra effort to remove the mascara. (I use Estee Lauder's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover if you were wondering!) I've had nights where I was too lazy (big no-no!) to remove all the mascara off, and it actually stays pretty well on when I wake up in the morning. You win some, you lose some. (It's still worth it!)

I would say this mascara as a bit pricier than normal drugstore prices. I got mine at for $15.70 (here!). It's around $24 on Amazon. The mascara formula is amazing and well worth the price. I wouldn't use this every day, because I don't want to scrub my eyelashes to get all the mascara off on a daily basis. I do like the wax-like, fiber-ous formula; I feel like it does nourish and keep my lashes healthy. For what it does and provides for the lashes, I would say the good outweighs the bad. It stays well throughout the day and it keeps your lashes looking healthy and shiny for the entirety of the day. I would rate this an overall 9.5/10!

I hope the review was helpful! Happy Friday!