Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tarte Beauty and the Box Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Quad Envoke the Smoke Review

Hello lovelies!

No Manicure Monday this week (I'm still rocking those pink nails!), so instead, I thought I'd do a review on this cute little box of eye shadows from Tarte! The whole name of this product is...Tarte Beauty and the Box Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Quad in Envoke the Smoke... quite a mouthful, I must say!
As you can probably guess by now, I am such a sucker for cute packaging. So...more cosmetics shopping for me! (*insert sound of crying wallet here*)  I actually purchased this back in spring sometime and had contemplated on returning it. In the end, I decided not to, which I don't regret (...entirely)!

As described on the Tarte site, this is a "perfectly portable shadow box with four gorgeous Amazonian day eye shadows inside." What's unique about this product as well as Tarte's Amazonian Clay collection is that Amazonian Clay is actually used as an ingredient. For those of you who may not have known such a thing existed (including me!), I did a little extra research on it!

Info about Amazonian Clay!

I didn't want to just read off what the Tarte site says about Amazonian clay, but there is very little information on it besides anything associated with Tarte.  In my attempted research, I had read that there is such a thing as medicinal clay that dates back to the ancient times where you can use it for external applications, etc. Clay baths and face masks and such have been a popular thing during our time. (Those prehistoric folk knew what they were doing!)

So Amazonian you can guess, is a natural ingredient, which is always a plus in cosmetics. Its benefits allow any one with any kind of skin type to use the products. Some benefits, as described on the Tarte site is that this clay is known to: remove surface oil to mattify skin, nourish all skin types, reduce the appearance of dryness and flakiness, give skin an overall smooth and even appearance, improve the appearance of skin and clarify skin texture, and hydrate dry skin. (Complete info here).

Now since this is just an eye shadow quad as opposed to foundation or other face products, I can't really tell you whether all the benefits actually hold true.

Top: wet swatches. Bottom: dry swatches.
In the palette:
  • Dark Ash: Matte Black
  • Purple Fog: Shimmery Purple
  • Silver Mist: Shimmery Silver
  • Pink Cloud: Frosty Light Pink

Reviewing time!

The packaging is cute! This eye shadow line has five different boxes, each with a nature kind of design and feel to it. Very suitable for the whole Amazonian clay concept. They do have neutral shades, so if these colors aren't for you, there are still other options from this line. It is a cardboard type box with a magnetic closure. Because it is cardboard, you can dent the box and it'll forever have boo boo's. Just something to be aware of. My box still looks fine, there is a little eye shadow residue though.

The formula is amazing! It stays on my eyes for the whole day. I don't really see much fading in color. It is finely milled (and you can easily tell!), so soft and buttery! You can build the intensity and it is also easily blend-able. This box especially makes a really nice smokey eye effect. Sometimes, I do see a little, teensy bit of fall out (just something to be aware of!) The pigmentation is crazy. With one swipe, you can see the colors so clearly defined. I would say it is on par with Urban Decay eye shadows in this category.  Even though there are some shimmery colors, you don't need a wet brush to get the color intensity you need.

A box contains a net weight of 6.8g/0.2oz. The retail price is $22. I purchased it at Sephora (link here). I would say these are a bit on the pricier side, even if you don't consider it being a non-drugstore product. Because of all it's natural ingredients (Amazonian clay, vitamin E, mineral pigments), I am more willing to accept it as the price you buy it for. So...with that in consideration as well, I'm going to go with it being worth it.

I love how convenient this little box is, even though there is no mirror in the box (which I never expected it anyways). I do keep the clear, plastic protective cover in it, in hopes that the shadows don't go all over the place. It hasn't caused me any problems yet. The eye shadows seem to cling onto the plastic, and you can just wipe it off with a tissue.

Even though this doesn't really seem like a every day make up palette kind of thing, I tend to reach for this one regardless. It's easy and fast, and I do sometimes bring this on the road with me when I don't have time to do my eye makeup before leaving the house. I use a mixture of the purple and black quite often to do a quickie and simple lining of the eyes. The pink I use to highlight and bring some brightness to my eyes (adding to inner corners or even patting a little to the lids!). Simple, everyday look right there. For more special occasions, I go all out and create a sultry purple (or grey) smokey eye. So even though these aren't neutral colors, it's very versatile!

A nice palette to check out when you're browsing the make-up aisles!

Have a lovely week! Let me know what your current fav eye shadow palette is (: