Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette Swatches, Review, and Where to Find the Colors

Hello there!

This is yet another item I've been lagging on reviewing, up to the point where it's basically hard to find, but I still think it's worth a nice blog post about!
Urban Decay's Mariposa Palette was released around September 2011 as a limited edition, Sephora exclusive. I was browsing for a colorful eye shadow palette around early June (just a couple of months ago!), and I found it on Sephora, Ulta, and the Urban Decay sites on sale for discounted prices. I believe that originally it was around $40, and I saw it for around $12-20 range. I can currently find it on Amazon and Ebay for around $13-30+.

The Mariposa Palette has a really nice packaging, which drew me into buying it. It is a metal tin with a butterfly and the brand name embossed on the front. It is a hinged lid, and there are ten eye shadows (0.03oz). As a comparison, there is a little less product than the Urban Decay Naked palette eye shadows (0.05oz).  There is no mirror in the palette, but it comes with a mini eye shadow brush. One thing I didn't like about the packaging is that the tin can scratch and leave behind marks.

In the palette: (Left to right, top to bottom)

  • Rockstar is deep eggplant kind of color with shimmer. It's a nice color to help smoke out any kind of look. Rockstar is currently available in the single eye shadows, as well as the Smoked eye shadow palette.
  • Gunmetal is a dark grey with little flecks of white glitter. The pigmentation and color payoff is decent. Little bit of fall out from the glitter. You can also use this color to smoke out a look with a darker intensity than Rockstar. Gunmetal is currently available as a single eye shadow, as well as in the Naked (original) palette.
  • Skimp is a light beige color with shimmer. It's a good color to use for subtle highlighting. If your skin isn't too dark, you might only get the shimmer to show because it's such a light color to begin with. I haven't seen this color currently available anywhere.
  • Infamous is a muted plum fuchsia pink color, with very subtle shimmer. The color payoff isn't as nice as the other shadows, and not really buttery to me. It applies a little too sheer; you have to keep building the color up to get a good intensity. You can use this for a subtle pop of color, if you're not too adventurous. But if you're not adventurous, you shouldn't be going after this palette to begin with. It is PACKED with color! I don't think this color is currently available anywhere (but you're not really missing out on anything).
  • Wreckage is a muted brown color with a shimmery golden sheen to it. I absolutely love this color! It is really buttery and the color payoff/pigmentation is perfect. This color can be used for the center of the eyes to give it some definition, or as a crease color. I haven't seen this color anywhere either :( -but you are missing out on this one.
  • Haight is a gorgeous deep teal color with shimmer. (Think of a mermaid color blue kind of color!) The pigmentation is amazing! It shows a little light in my picture though. It's one of those in your face kind of color. You can use it to blend out at the crease or to make a bright smokey eye look. This color looks amazing for eyeliner as well. Haight is available as a single eye shadow.
  • Money is a cool grey-ish, green color with gold undertones. There is a lot of dimension in this color. You can use it for the center of your eyelids or in the inner tear duct area for a brightening effect. I don't think I've seen this currently available anywhere.
  • Mushroom is a combination of grey, silver, and taupe with shimmer. I guess another way to describe it is a metallic grey with deep taupe undertones. This one is buttery as well, and you can use it on the crease or to smoke out an eye look. Mushroom is currently available as a single eye shadow and in the Smoked eye shadow palette.
  • Spotlight is a shimmery champagne, taupe color. This one is not that buttery, and I experienced some fall out. It's a good color for the lids, or to add dimension in the center, as well as a highlight. Mushroom is currently available as a single eye shadow.
  • Limelight is a shimmery copper gold color. There is a little fall out with this one as well. You can use this color for the same purposes as Spotlight, which I guess is fortunate, as this particular color is not currently available anywhere.
Overall, the Mariposa palette has a good variation of colors for those who are in the colorful make up mood. I personally wouldn't recommend this palette if you already have other eye shadows with similar colors. A lot of Urban Decay palettes use the same or very similar colors, and it wouldn't be worth it if you already have some of the colors. This palette though, has a lot of colors you can play with, and a lot of looks you can create. It's also travel friendly!  The only color I had a problem with is the Infamous (pink) one, in terms of pigmentation. 

The only other major eye shadow palette I have is the Urban Decay Naked palette, so when I purchased this one I knew I wouldn't get many duplicate colors. For Urban Decay collectors, it goes either way. I'm sure you fanatics have had a lot of dupes and similar colors that look essentially the same, and this would be no different.

Again, I apologize for such a lag on posting about this, when you can't easily find it in stores now. (I need sufficient time to test out the products before I give you a review.) I hope you forgive me and found this post informative nonetheless.

Have a wonderful day lovelies! (: