Monday, October 21, 2013

Walgreens Sinful Colors Nail Polish $0.99 Sale!

Image from Walgreens site
Time to stock up on those Sinful Colors nail polishes!

For this week (20 October to 26 October), Walgreens has a $0.99 sale on these polishes! (Limit 3. No limit in NM). From my understanding, this deal only works with $1.99 (retail priced) polishes.  I know there are some that are $2.99 (retail priced) that this wouldn't apply to, but I'll check it out today or tomorrow (or some day this week...) and update you!  Wanted to put this post here earlier in the week so you are aware of it sooner, as I don't want to wait until I actually stop by there and then post about it (and it ends up being Saturday night or

I am very excited about this sale. I've been waiting for it for a while, since it's always a nice time to try  and experience with new colors at such an inexpensive price (or stock up on old favorites!) If you're thinking about grabbing some polishes this week, don't hesitate! From past experiences, polishes disappear pretty fast!

Will update post again when I venture a visit over to Walgreens! Best wishes for a wonderful week!

Edit! 25 October 2013: Went by a second Walgreens and finally found the white polish today! My first trip was on Tuesday (I think!). I guess it just depends on how popular the Walgreens location is. The one I went to today still had a bunch(!) of colors. The one I went to on Tuesday had less than this one. Good luck hunting for those polishes! My next Manicure Monday will include some of these polishes for a cute take on Halloween nails! See you then!