Sunday, November 24, 2013

Manicure Monday! Featuring Sinful Colors in Mint Apple

Note: deceiving lighting makes it more bluer than it really is.
Happy Monday! Eventful week for everyone huh? Busy busy. Today is a little review on Sinful Colors in Mint Apple that I mentioned in a previous post (here).

I was trying to figure out what color to do my nails and I decided to give this color a try. (It was looking quite abandoned in my little nail polish basket.) Mint Apple for some reason, reminded me of apple pie, which reminds me of Thanksgiving, so I went along with this thought process and went for it. haha.

Mint Apple is a medium-dark mint green with silver shimmer. I would say... think of a jade stone with a splash of blue and little glittery shimmers. Green is definitely a nail color world that I tread carefully into.  My fear of the green color clashing with my skin is too strong. This Mint Apple is not a crazy green color, and I think it works as a nice green for people who can't wear greens (if that makes sense).

Reviewing time!
My second attempt at trying to capture the color:
Looks better than first one!

The formula and application is decent. Little streaking is observed. Polish isn't too runny or too gloppy. The quality/longevity is also decent. I think I set the bar too high for Sinful Colors after I reviewed the Berry Charm one (review here). The picture above shows wear after three/four days with two coats of the polish. (The ring finger and thumb have one coat of the polish and one coat of Butter London's Knackered, mini review here.) As observed. there is a little bit of chipping, but it's nothing to get dramatic over. The pigmentation is a little bit darker than what you see from the bottle. Opacity is obtained after just two coats, so that's definitely a plus for me. I tried just one coat, but it was too sheer. Shimmer is slightly noticeable, but you can tell it's not a cream/solid color polish.

After using this polish, I have decided that green will never (possibly?) be the color my nails will love. I still think this is a good green (aka blueish-green) to try for those of you worried that green nails won't work with you (very good cheat color ;]). Maybe it's just not meant for me, but there's something about this polish that I don't really care for. I'd give this polish an overall 8/10, deducting an extra point for my meh feelings towards it.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!(if I don't get a chance to blog before then) Take care lovelies!