Friday, November 15, 2013

The Body Shop: Cranberry Joy Hand Lotion Review

Herro! Been looking for a hand lotion that puts you in the festive mood? Or maybe looking for something cute and sweet to give to your loved ones for the holidays? Check out this Cranberry Joy Hand Lotion from The Body Shop! (How's that for advertising? ;]) Haha here's a review for you guys!

So....last year, my sister and I were browsing through The Body Shop's after Christmas sale, and I spotted this little cutie. Back during the sale it was $5 and I jumped at the opportunity, because how can you say no to a circular lotion bottle (I know, I obsess over packaging a tad too much). I'm not a frequent buyer at The Body Shop, so I thought I'd never see this again, so... I bought it. This past weekend when I was browsing around the store, I SPOTTED THEM! Just imagine a little kid jumping up and down at the sight of candy...that's how I felt!

This little cute lotion is part of The Body Shop's holiday collection. It's not part of a gift set (other products of this scent are though!), but it's around just for the holidays (and until it sells out). They also have two other hand lotion scents; besides this Cranberry Joy, there's also Ginger Sparkle and Vanilla Bliss.

I don't really know the criteria for reviewing lotions, so I'll just say everything I need to say and hopefully it'll be enough for you have a good idea for this product.

Do people do lotion swatches? haha
Let's start off with packaging (of course). IT'S SO CUTE! It's like a little ornament in lotion form. When I bought this, I was thinking of when I finish the lotion, I can use the bottle as a cute hand soap refilling type thing. It's a cute size and shape for your desk or work area that's surely going to bring in the festive mood! This lotion has a nice soft cranberry scent to it. Nothing too wild going on here. If you're not much of a scent person, I still say you should check out this product, because this scent doesn't linger. It's not an initially strong scent either, it's very light and it does seem to disappear completely after a little while. Unfortunate for me, as I do like this scent, but it's nice and fruity and just something about it is very captivating. It is moisturizing, which is a pretty big thing for a hand lotion. It's not greasy, but it leaves your hands feeling a teensy bit sticky when it's still "wet", if you can call it that. This lotion gives my hands a smooth and silky feel, which I absolutely love. The consistency is like a regular lotion. This isn't thick; it's a little runny but not to the point where it's dripping all over the place.

This product contains 8.1fl oz (224ml) which is slightly more than Bath & Body Works' Triple Moisture Cream (226ml). The Body Shop is currently selling it in stores and online for $12 (here). If you are looking into buying this for the holidays, keep a look out for their sales, as they've had and will continue have little sales until the post-Christmas one.

Overall, I love this lotion. It does what it's supposed to do, and it prepares for/brings on the holiday spirit. It's a cute gift and/or stuffing idea. Only problem I have is that the scent doesn't stay as long as I'd want it to, but I'd still give it a 9.9/10! And...that concludes my review!

Happy Friday (!) and weekend for you lovelies! We made it past another week!