Sunday, December 15, 2013

Manicure Monday: Featuring Snowy French Tips with Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Hello everyone!

We are sooooo close to Christmas! How's the holiday shopping going? I see tons of people at the mall nowadays. Crowds of people make me sad and all claustrophobic feeling. T_T It's not too cold here in SoCal *CA*, but this little nail look will make it seem like snowy days are just around the corner and it gets me into the Christmas-y spirit!

As you can probably tell by now....I'm quite fond of deviating from the typical french tips nail style. This look reminds me of snowy hills with a cute little Christmas tree accent on the ring finger. The tree fits well with the nails, and I'm quite fond of it.

Sinful Colors in Snow Me White was used for the tips, and I must say that this color was more opaque than I thought it would be for the first coat. Second coat made it perfect, even though it was a little difficult going over the little curves perfectly. It's a perfect white color, looks just like what I picture snow to be. The name fits it pretty well. To do the little hills, I just made sure there wasn't a lot of polish on the brush and made little curvy motions from one side to the other. Be spontaneous! The size of the hills don't have to all be the same. It makes the look overall more exciting that way too!

Sinful Colors in Mint Apple was used for the little Christmas tree (Review and more swatches of the color here!). It's not as clear or as opaque as I'd like, but it gives a subtle amount of detailing to the otherwise regular white tips. I like the creaminess of the color and even though it's not a traditional evergreen tree shade, it still works.

I've seen a lot of Christmas tree designs on Pinterest (come visit mine here!), but I figured this one would be a little easier to make without having to use fancy nail art supplies.  Using a toothpick, you essentially just do little zigzags to make the shape of the Christmas tree. Be careful not to grab too much of the polish when you do it, or you'll end up with a green puddle! If you do make a mistake, just grab a q-tip/cotton swab and use a little nail polish remover to get rid of it. It took me a couple of tries, but I got it to work out in the end! (: I tried demonstrating the technique in the picture, with my sister wonderfully volunteering to model her nail!

Sephora by OPI in I Found a Pot of Gold! was used for the little star. I just kept drawing little lines with a toothpick across to make a shape of a star. Since the polish is pretty sheer, it didn't make a difference to me how the star looked, as long as the sparkly gold was there. With the toothpick again, I just added little dots of gold to spice up the little Christmas tree. I know this polish is no longer available in Sephora, but any glittery gold polish will do just fine! If you want to add colorful ornaments, then go crazy! ;]

So there's my little Christmas nails for you! I think it really looks elegant, and it's another nice twist to an otherwise traditional french tips (while at the same time incorporating the holiday spirit!) Good luck on the last minute holiday shopping! and finals for those of you finishing off the school term this week!

Stay warm & safe lovelies! Til next time! (: