Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Manicure Monday! Featuring Minnie Pink Ribbon (#4) from Etude House XOXO Minnie Collection

Hello there! Happy Monday....(Tuesday..)! I've been a little under the weather recently..so I thought a nice nail pick-me-up was in order. I ended up grabbing this absolutely adorable glitter polish from Etude House's XOXO Minnie collection to put over a subtle frosty pinky purple and I am in love with it!

There has been lots of talk about the XOXO Minnie collection ever since Etude House mentioned the release of it, and the entire collection is so cute and girly and everything I could ever want in a collection. ...But I resisted! and refrained myself from purchasing everything. I told myself that I wouldn't buy any polishes from the collection, but I always stared in awe at this pretty Minnie Pink Ribbon polish....so I bought it! ^_^''

There are six total polishes from the XOXO Minnie collection, with two (Bubble Pink #2 and Minnie Red #1) being gel polishes and four as glitter polishes. The four are Minnie White Face #3, Minnie Pink Ribbon #4, Minnie Silver Ribbon #5, and Minnie Black Face #6. It's not that hard distinguishing what you can find in each polish as the names are basically a given.

On my nails, I have two coats of the Vernis Classique by Cherimoya in Purple Frost, two coats of the glitter polish and one coat of the Seche Vite top coat.

I've been wearing this on my nails since Wednesday or Thursday and nothing has fallen off yet. Everything lies pretty flat on my nails except for the bows. I would just be wary of them and make sure to push it down with a little bit of pressure so it could attach to your base coat/polish better. If the orientation of the bow is sideways, there's nothing really to worry about; if it lies horizontally, the bow has a bit of difficulty hugging onto the curvature of the nail.

What's in the polish? Good question! There is a lot going on in the polish. The thing I'm always cautious about in glitter polishes is whether or not there is a color base to the polish. In this case, it is clear polish. The itty bitty glitter flecks and the small square glitter pieces have the same kind of effect. It will reflect off of the other colors, kind of like a holographic/mirror effect(?) The rest of the glitters are matte: there are small and medium sized cream pink hexagonal glitters, white circular glitters and white and hot pink minnie bow glitters. It's such a nice hodgepodge of glitters that gives off such a girly kind of feel to it. I would say the load of glitter you get if you were attempting to fish for the pieces is still pretty light regardless of everything going on in the bottle. (If you're not in the mood to go fishing....this is not the polish for you ;])

The polish is in a bottle that has the little Mickey head on the cap. The top of the cap is like a rounded dome. This polish has 8ml in it, which is a little more than the Revlon Nail Art Expressionist (7.68ml). I purchased it at beautynetkorea.com (direct link to product found here). It's currently $4.86 on the site.

I think it's such a nice polish for anyone! I mean...who doesn't love Minnie? We will never grow too old for Disney things, right? (Kids at heart! Always & forever!) I don't think it's an inexpensively priced product; I think the polish is sold at a decent price. I love everything in the polish. The only suggestion I could think is to make the hot pink more of a softer pink. It does last long on my nails and I really like that. I'm hoping clean up won't be too bad, but they do suggest that you have a base coat or something to prevent the glitter from going directly on the nails. Maybe I'll update later in the week or whenever I decide to clean my nails. As for now, I have nothing against this polish, so I give it a 10/10.

Hope you enjoy my late Mani Monday! Have a wonderful week!

different angle of the nails