Friday, March 14, 2014

L'Occitane $3 Hand Cream Pouch Facebook Offer March 2014

How cute is this little pouch and mini hand creams? L'Occitane currently has a Facebook offer in celebration of their Shea Butter Hand Cream's 20th anniversary! You can get this little set (pouch included!) for just $3!

To get this offer, all you have to do is sign up on Facebook ~direct link here~ and a voucher will be emailed to you. You can then take it to a retail boutique and redeem it! ~list of participating boutiques here~ If you don't have a boutique near you, you can also purchase it online ~direct link here~ Even though you still have have to pay for's worth it! The offer is valid until March 30th, while supplies last, one set per customer. You can always call the boutique to see if there's still some in stock before you make your journey there.

This little Facebook collection includes:
  • "L'Occitane Heart Fans" Knitted Pouch
  • Shea Butter Hand Cream 0.3oz (10mL)
  • Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 0.3oz (10mL)
  • Almond Delicious Hand Cream 0.3oz (10mL)
The pouch ~and hand creams~ are a perfect size to put into your bag to travel with. You can put your little lip balms and hand sanitizers ~and of course hand cream~ into the little pouch. I like how they include a variety of hand creams so you can try it out and see how you like them, and it's a pretty nice sized tube. 

A typical 1oz Shea Butter hand cream normally sells for $12 and here you're getting a total of 0.9oz for just $3. Quite a steal if I do say so myself!

L'Occitane's Shea butter hand cream ~the one I've actually tried prior to purchasing this collection~ is nice and lightly scented. It moisturizes pretty well and you don't get that greasy or sticky feeling. It's one of the best hand creams I've come across. I'm sure the other two hand creams will be just as amazing!

I love when L'Occitane has special offers like this one and it's definitely something to take advantage of whether you do like the brand, but feel like it's too pricy for you, or if you want to try the brand out but don't really know what to purchase. 

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have a wonderful night! ~or morning~

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