Sunday, March 16, 2014

Manicure Monday! Featuring French Tips for St. Patrick's Day with Ulta's Jaded

Hello loves! Happy St. Patrick's day! For those of you who remembered to wear green today...yay! For those of you who forgot..tsk tsk.. haha. Today I have a simple design ~french tips style~ that I want to share with you.

I've been ~kinda~ on the hunt for a green nail polish that's a tad more green than my beloved Hello Kitty Minty. I feel like green is one of those colors that will be a little more difficult to compliment my skin tone, so I don't have many greens in my collection. I also feel that green is a harder color for me  to love as a polish color, especially dark true greens. But! I'm easing my way into the green family, and this polish is scratching that surface.

Ulta's Jaded is a beautiful teal/olive green duochrome polish with some shimmer. I think this color is just perfect for an occasion like St. Patrick's day, especially if you're not too fond of green polishes. It's very sheer in application, so I think 3-4 good coats will make it opaque.

Products Used:
  • Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Jaded
  • Sephora by OPI in I Found A Pot of Gold!
  • Sinful Colors in Snow Me White
  • Toothpick for dotting
Steps to Get the Nail Look:
  1. Starting on one side of the nail about 1/2 way down, paint across the nail to form the first part of the "V" tip.
  2. Do the same on the other side, and smooth out the middle part where the bottom part of the "V" is.
  3. Wait for it to dry and repeat steps 1 and 2 until the color is opaque. ~I did two coats, but I found later on that it was not as opaque as I wanted; I should have done 3 coats~
  4. Get your dotting tool and your polish and start from the center of the "V" and create three dots out to the edge of your nail. ~Ideally, the dots should get a bit smaller as you go out to the edge of the nail.
  5. On your accent nails, ~ I picked my ring finger and thumb~ dab on your gold polish for an added sparkle. ~I don't think you can tell in the pic because I added such a light layer of the polish~
  6. Seal everything with a top coat!
What do you think of this idea for a french tip? I hope you have a wonderful week! Until next time lovelies!