Thursday, March 13, 2014

[DIY] Upcycling Candle Jars #2! Using Lace Tape

Hello lovelies!

I do apologize for yet another missed Manicure's been such a hectic week for me. BUT FEAR NOT! I will have one for Monday just in time for St. Patrick's Day! (Fingers crossed!) Be on the look out for that ;] Alrighty...well today's post is a fairly simple and easy upcycling candle jar idea! Hope you enjoy this one ~I really love how it turned out!

It all started when.....*narrator mode activated* Haha..I'll save you from the details and just say that I was shopping around Daiso and stumbled upon this so-called "lace tape" ~I actually don't know what its actual name is~

I don't know too well how popular Daiso is, but for those of you who have never heard of it, it's a Japanese version of the dollar store/ $.99 store where they have the cutest and random-est things for just $1.50 each! Here in the US, you can only find Daiso in Washington and California, so if you don't have one near you, definitely stop by and take a look around this store when you're in the area! ~And don't fret, I found an esty shop that has this lace tape too ~link here!~ I also found another cute lace tape design that I may purchase from soon...~link here!~ Be aware of how much tape you're getting before purchasing!

Things I used:
  • clean, empty candle jar ~the one I used is the small (not mini) candle from Bath & Body Works~ (clean the surface with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad)
  • tape
  • ruler/measuring device
  • scissors
  • dry erase marker
  • patience!

Things to do:
  1. Figure out where you want the tape to be and use the dry erase marker to mark the inside of the container to get a rough idea of how far down you want the design.
  2. After you figure out where you want it, mark around the rest of the jar, so you can keep the tape as even as possible.
  3. Get the tape on. Make sure when you initially put the tape on, that it's straight on the jar. 
  4. Get the rest of the tape on (hardest step!) I attempted a few methods for this. One way you can do it is to take the tape off the plastic backing and then work like that. You can also pull it off as you go. Be very gentle, the lace tape is very delicate. What I did was to make sure a little bit of the tape is straight on the jar, and then gently wrap it around, and untape and retape to get it to straighten out as I go ~not really efficient per se, but it works~ Another method I tried was to lie the jar down and roll it over the tape slowly.
  5. You can seal it off with something like mod podge if you want to, but I think it's just fine without it. You can just smooth out the bumps and make sure the design is adhered onto the jar.
And that's it! It's very simple and such a cute way to decorate old candle jars, or any kind of jar lying around. ~...and lace is so cute for spring!~ I hope you enjoy this little upcycling idea and let me know if you'll give it a try!

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