Friday, April 25, 2014

Beauty Box 5 Facebook Promo April 2014

image from the Beauty Box 5 facebook page
Hello loves! I was browsing around Facebook today and I stumbled upon a Beauty Box 5 offer for the first box free! Sounds like a good deal huh? I did some research to get some more details for you!

~Direct link to offer here~


Who can get it? New subscribers!

What do you get? Your first  Beauty Box 5 (May) free! ($12 value) Beauty Boxes contains 5 deluxe samples from makeup, skincare, perfume, and haircare brands. Shipping is free, and currently, boxes are not customized.

Expiration date? Offer expires Wednesday, April 30th. While supplies last.

What do you have to do? Go on their site and join by clicking on the type of membership you want, fill out your info, and enter in the code.

When does it ship out? These ship out from Texas, and (as stated in the welcome email I received,) "the box will ship out on the 8th of May (you will also get a shipping confirmation at that time) Beauty boxes in the lower 48 states will arrive within 5-7 business days and boxes destined for Canada take up 2-3 weeks to find their new home."

Anything else you should know? Yes! Something I am never fond of, is filling out my information for some free offer and having to put in my credit card info. I feel that it does kind of defeat the purpose of the "free offer", though it makes sense, because it is a membership type program you are trying out. They probably have to enter such information for you to be in their database.

You credit card will be automatically charged every 30 days, so if you just want the free box, be sure to cancel before then. You can cancel by calling them (512.270.5110), emailing them (, or submitting a ticket on their site ~here~ You should ideally cancel right after the box gets shipped out, if you so desire.

As I have just "joined" the Beauty Box community a bit before I made this post, I can tell you that you will have a pending charge on your credit card for $1 or some such amount. They will refund that amount within a few days, again, it's the whole "new account info", credit card validation type thing, I personally wouldn't worry about it.

If anything, I will keep you guys updated! I'm quite excited for the box (: Take care!

Question of the day: Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? If so, what are your opinions of them?

~Update! 9 May 2014: From my understanding, (after looking at Beautybox5's FB page) the free boxes will contain different products (past subscription box faves) compared to those who paid for the subscription. I believe, but don't quote me on this, that there is/was also this free first box promo for new subscribers for the month of May (June box) as well!

~Update! 13 May 2014: Disregard that last update! I was watching grav3yardgirl's beauty box 5 vid and the things she got seems to match up with the products I received! Yay! It looks like all the boxes for May are the same with the exception of a couple products. (grav3yardgirl has the best beauty box 5 vids! THE WOORMMSS! her link is here if you've never heard of her. Do check her out.. she is amazing!) My post on the beauty box 5 will probably be posted sometime after/around when I post about Ipsy's May glam bag, so be on the look out for that!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Beauty Box 5.