Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ipsy March Glam Bag 2014: Destination Beauty

Hello there! Let's take a look into Ipsy's March glam bag and I'll give you my thoughts about the products I received. 

This month's glam bag design features a very
colorful print from "artist Klari Reis' geography-based series, 'Street Anatomy,' and showcases San Francisco, Ca (Reis' hometown and ipsy headquarters)." This is the "first of many in Ipsy's new Artist Series." I think that Ipsy opening up to artists is a pretty cool idea, and it allows anyone to have the opportunity to have their creativity featured.

Personally, I think the print is very deceiving on pictures. I saw sneak peeks of this and thought it would be 3D with a glossy finish. Pretty amazing artist to create such an effect wouldn't you say? While I think the effect looks really nice in pictures and such, I don't find it as flattering in person. Just my thoughts on that. It's a very vibrant and bright bag though!

Inside the bag:

pixi flawless beauty primer (12ml/0.4fl.oz).

I'm not one who uses face primers and such often (or at all...), so this was an intriguing product for me. The formula is very light and it has a very light coverage (if that's what these beauty primers do...) There is some shimmer in this but it leaves your skin with a really nice, natural looking glow. (Full sized: 30ml/1.0fl oz, $22)

[Image: I apologize, I tried to get the lighting the same, but one looks significantly brighter. But regardless... The top is without the primer, and bottom is with. You can kind of notice the shimmer and glow in the bottom picture.]

Chella eyeliner pen in "indigo blue" (1mL/0.034 fl. oz.)

It's a gorgeous dark blue eyeliner with a very thin felt tip. It drys relatively quickly and it doesn't smudge! I don't know if I got a bad one, but when I got it, the tip seemed like it was already starting to dry out, so I had to position it horizontally to get a decent swatch in. Another thing I noticed is that the cap doesn't click when it's being closed. I don't know if that's the design of the eyeliner pen but it doesn't seem to close very securely. (Full sized is given, $22)

[Image: Notice how long and thin the tip is! The eyeliner gives such a nice vibrant blue color.]

Edit: 8 April 2014! I contacted ipsycare about it and they are sending me a replacement. Will review again and see if I actually got a bad batch!

Edit: 24 April 2014! Just received the replacement in the mail (replacement shipping takes quite a while!) The cap still doesn't click, so I guess that's just the design of the pen. I'm still not particularly fond of it. It swatches beautifully and it still gives a nice thin line. Very versatile for whatever kind of eyeliner look you're going for.

Nyx Love in Rio eyeshadow trio in "Meet Me at the Copa" (3g/0.105 oz.)

Cute little trio that has three shimmery, metallic neutrals. I love the little bow accent on the packaging (I can never get over that!) There is a shimmery taupe, shimmery champagne, and metallic slate color. I think the shimmery taupe is a gorgeous color. The other two shadows are a bit chalky, with the champagne being the more chalky one.  I feel like the champagne is a bit too yellow toned. They have such a silky feel to them and are buildable. While they do look nice, I wish they aren't as shimmery. (Full sized is given, $6)

[Image: cute is the bow! L to R: taupe, champagne, slate.]

bareminerals marvelous moxie lipstick in "Get Ready" (1.5g/0.05 oz)

I'm not much of a lipstick girl but I absolutely love this lipstick. It is effortless to apply and leaves a relatively long lasting finish. The color is gorgeous. I find it very flattering. It is like a warm rosy color. Suitable for those fancy occasions and even for everyday wear because it's very natural. Great pigmentation, very hydrating, and has a nice satin finish. (Full sized: 3.5ml/0.12 oz, $18)
Also included is a code for a free Lash Domination 10-in-1 volumizing mascara sample and free shipping on next purchase.

[Image: Top is with the lipstick on, bottom is natural lips (both with flash). Left: Isn't the lipstick so mini and cute?!]

There are my items from March's Glam Bag. I would say the lipstick is my fav out of this bag. The products in the bag are well worth the price paid for the glam bag, if you look at it monetarily ($10 plus tax, free shipping). It is still worth the price if you don't look at the value of each product, there is a nice broad range of products. Not really products I would've ever thought to purchase, but I am glad I got to try them out. I am actually very tempted to purchase a full size of the lipstick when I'm done with my sample xD

Did you get a glam bag? If so, did you like your items, what was your fav?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!~ I shall blog again soon!