Wednesday, April 2, 2014

(Late) Manicure Monday! Featuring Polka Dotty Nails with Essie Full Steam Ahead

[let's ignore that bit of chipping....]
Hello there! I apologize for the late post, but better late than never! Today I wanted to share with you a fun and speckled look that fits into the whole springtime theme.

So.... it was my birthday this past weekend, Sunday to be exact, and I wanted to make my nails...lively for the occasion. Initially I wanted to do bows and polka dots and cutesy, girly stuff, but I could not make a bow, so I'm going to put off that nail idea for another occasion.

Polka dots are fun too though...right? I'm very pleased with how these turned out. It's not "in your face" polka dots, but the colors work really nicely together. The various finishes of the dots also make that subtle extra oomph!..if you will.

Again, ignore the various chipping. I took the pictures today, but I've had them on my nails since Friday/Saturday. (I also didn't use any top coat...oopsies!)

On the nails, I have two coats of Essie Full Steam Ahead, which is a gorgeous pearlescent/shimmery lilac. I was obsessed with this color when I purchased it. ~Review here~

To create the blueish/silverish/greyish dots, I used Butter London Knackered, which has a duo chrome finish with micro glitter particles. I used a dotting tool to get the size of those dots, something a bit larger than a toothpick tip. ~Review and more pics of Knackered here~

To create the lighter purple, I used Sinful Colors Let Me Go. It has a shimmer effect as well! I wouldn't say this is a duo chrome finish, per se, but it has a purple, greenish, blueish, silverish tint to it. Lots of colors depending on how the light reflects off of it. Such a pretty color! The size of the dots are the same as the previous ones!

For the white dots, I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Nothing too fancy there, just your basic white polish. For these dots though, I used the toothpick tip! It makes the overall nail look less monochromatic.

For the general pattern, I made diagonal dots going one way for one polish and going another way for another polish. I don't actually know if that does anything, but it makes the dots look like an organized mess. The white dots were randomly placed with no sense of direction. ;]

I think it's really fun and playful. Adding more colors to the mix would be fun to the max! Quite a spotty nail look, but very simple to do. Give it a try! (:

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a wonderful day!