Monday, April 7, 2014

Manicure Monday! Easter Nails Featuring L'Oreal Royally Yours

Happy Monday to you lovelies! Weekend went by so fast huh? I feel the same way :( Here is an idea for your nails for Easter coming up! (As well as a review on L'Oreal's Royally Yours polish!)

I first want to say that I feel like something is a bit off with the entirety of the nail look, maybe it's the flowers...maybe it's the bunny, but since I've done it I think it'd still be worth a share and you can take either nail design and work with it, or combine them together like how I did.

Before I go into any detail about the look, I want to do a review of the L'Oreal Royally Yours polish. I received this as gift from the lovely francinemarie on youtube. If you guys don't know who she is, definitely check her out!

Review time:

Royally Yours was part of the 2013 Limited Edition Versailles Romance Collection last spring. It is a pale baby blue pastel color. (Cinderella would love this color!) I think the pigmentation is nice. I'm always cautious of pale colors and how well it would show up on the nails, but this polish is very opaque after the second coat. First coat is a bit streaky, but don't be discouraged and keep on painting those nails! The formula is good, though I would say the longevity is not up to par with my other polishes. I already got some minor chipping, but I'll keep an eye on it this week and see if any more chipping happens before I say anything with 100% certainty. Something I really love about the polish is the brush! It has a curved, dome-like brush tip which makes it so easy to apply polish onto the nails. Loves it! 9/10!

Since the polish was part of a limited edition collection, you might have to do a bit of hunting if you are after this polish. I noticed that amazon and ebay still carry some. Here is a link from amazon that is selling it for $7.15 if you are interested in purchasing.

What else is on my nails?
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White: for the bunny and flowers, as well as minor dotting accents.
  • Sinful Colors Black on Black: for the bunny's round little eyeballs
  • Sinful Colors Soul Mate: for the bunny's nosey and ears
  • Sephora's Hello Kitty Banana Creme: for the middle of the flowers. (I recently purchased this polish at Sephora! Couldn't believe they still had some in stock for $3 on the sales rack. Stock will vary by store, I know a couple around my area doesn't have it.)
To create the bunny, I had a step by step how-to picture in a previous post that I'll link here. It is a freehand design using just your nail polish brush, so it can get a little messy and it will be different every time, so be patient, your bunnies don't have to be identical twins (:  For the pink ears and nose, I just kept using a toothpick to dot gently until it created the respective shapes and filled it in.

Edit: 8 April 2014! I would also like to mention that the pink on the bunny was achieved by mixing a bit of the pink polish with some white as the true pink from the polish was a bit darker than I liked. 

To create the flowers, I used the other side of the toothpick and dotted five dots, very similar to this post, which also has step by step how-to picture! The only difference with that flower and this one, is that before you add the middle dot, take the toothpick end and poke the middle of the flower petal and gently drag to the center. Be sure not to do it immediately after you apply the white dot, but don't wait to long, or the polish will get tacky and thicker and it'll be more messy to work with.

So...that's it... It is springtime feel-y...I just don't think the two mesh well together.  What do you think? I hope this gives you inspiration for some Easter nails regardless! Have a wonderful week (: