Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Manicure Monday! Featuring Soft Gradient Pastel Nails

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Hello there! I apologize for another late Manicure Monday, but I'll keep this one a quickie! I'm using an old sponging nail technique to create a soft gradient look perfect for Easter and springtime!
When I say "old" sponging nail technique, I meant a technique I've done in an older post. I'll link the steps here! Instead of using a glittery polish, like that Mani Monday, I opted for pastel colors! Also, for the sponge, I chose to use the ends of the sponge and fold it in half and dab the nail polish right at the bottom of the "V" shape, where there's the point (less surface area= a bit more control!)

On the nails! 

I have on two coats of Essie Rock the Boat. Using the makeup sponge (the rectangular one, as that was the one I had lying around), I went 2/3rds of the way down using dabbing motions with Sephora Hello Kitty Minty polish to get a nice pale green color over the blue. At this point, I kept layering up the dabbing layers until it was as opaque as I wanted. Afterwards, going only 1/3rd of the way down, I used Sephora Helly Kitty Banana Cream polish and using the same technique as before, I kept layering the pastel yellow over the green. I sealed everything up with the Seche Vite top coat to make the nails more glossy. The dabbing motions give a rough, sand-like texture to the nails, which you could keep if you so desire! (It's very amusing to play with!)

Depending on whether you want to wait between coats and layers, you can actually get different results. I waited until the layers had a little time to dry, though I did not wait for them to entirely dry (as I was being very impatient!) Maybe in a later Mani Monday, I'll try dabbing with freshly painted layers and see how the results show up!

Using the sponging technique, the different colors are able to blend together so seamlessly. It makes it look like a piece of art! Do you remember those little jars/bottles you'd fill with colored sand? That's kind of how I see this design!

Well... have a lovely week! I shall *hopefully* post again soon! Stay beautiful! :]

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