Sunday, April 13, 2014

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia (447) Review

Hello there! I hope you've been well! Influenster has provided me with this NYC Expert Last Lip Color lipstick for testing and review purposes (from the UniVoxBox)! Let's see how this NYC Forever Fuchsia lipstick "lasts" ~huehuehue~

I would first like to say that..this color is not a color I would ever, ever purchase, because it's a very bold, very in your face, pop of color kind of lipstick. My opinions after trying this lipstick out has not wavered one bit, but the color is not as bad as I thought it would be.

As you might remember from an earlier post, I am not much of a lipstick wearer, so I hope you take that into consideration as I go into my review!

Review time!
Top: natural light. Bottom: with flash.
Forever Fuchsia is a bright pink with blue undertones. When I saw this shade, I immediately thought of it as a barbie lipstick. I'm not fond of such a color, though I think it's not entirely terrible with my skin tone (I hope...). It has amazing pigmentation and it is very opaque. One swipe and you're ready to go; the color payoff is exceptional. True to its name, this lipstick lasts on your lips for essentially the whole day (and even longer if you wanted to!) It stays even after you drink or eat food! I remember when I first swatched this, the color stained my hand, and I can still see traces of it even after using regular hand soap.

The packaging is nothing exceptional. The tube depicts the shade of the lipstick and since the cap is clear, you are able to see the lipstick color, which is always a plus (sometimes can be deceiving though!). I do wish you can twist the lipstick all the way down. (My sister accidentally chunked the lipstick when she was opening it T_T and I've been so close to doing the same many times!)

Top: natural light(ish) Bottom: flash
Even though the lipstick is long lasting, it's not really hydrating, and it doesn't feel as smooth of an application as lipsticks could be. I recommend using a lip balm before using the lipstick, and it could also make the application process a bit easier. It has a soft, sweet scent, kind of like bubblegum. If you're not fond of scents, the scent on this doesn't linger for too long.

Where to purchase?

You can purchase this lipstick at Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, Target, or K-Mart (shades may vary by store) for $1.99. I do see coupons for NYC products a lot, so you can keep a lookout for those for even more savings! I think it's pretty inexpensive for a long lasting lipstick regardless.

Net wt: 3.2g (0.11oz)

Overall, I would give this lipstick a 9.5/10, taking off half a point because it's not hydrating. I'm not going to judge it on color, since I had no choice in what I received, but I like that I had the opportunity to at least try out such a bold shade.

Bold lipsticks make such a statement, and it's perfect for spring (and summer! soon! ish!) If you're in a tight spot, or forgot your blush, you can double up and add a bit of the lipstick to your cheeks too!

How do you feel about bold lipsticks? Yay or nay?

I hope you enjoyed my post. Have a lovely day!

Pretending to be a lipstick model? ... Note: lipstick is also used on the cheeks!

Disclaimer: Received this product from Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. As always, opinions are my own.