Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ipsy May Glam Bag 2014: Fresh Picks

 Hello there beautifuls! I am absolutely obsessed with Ipsy's bag this month, very happy panda over here. Here are my thoughts on the products!

I am attempting to blog about ipsy's bag earlier in the month (like actually in the month the bag's designated for...xD) Hopefully I can be consistent with it! (Fingers crossed!)

So this month is "Fresh Picks" and it is in this gorgeous eco-friendly looking canvas bag. The material is not too rough, not to soft, and feels durable and flexible (if that's the right word for describing it). There are some green leaves/vines with "ipsy" printed on it. It looks like it was stamped on. At least that's the effect I see with it. OBSESSED WITH THIS BAG! I have switched out my daily makeup bag for this one.

Inside the bag!
Boo-Boo Cover Up Concealer/Camouflant in Medium (0.34oz/10mL)

My sister was ready to take this from me just because of its clever name haha. The concealer is creamy and light. I fail at the whole foundation/powder/concealer/face makeup type thing, so I don't know how to properly use this (probably need to set it with powder afterwards). It does give a brightening effect, and I find that it is buildable. It's a beige-y color with very slight salmon undertones, or it could just be me reading too much into it! The product also claims to promote healing for the skin and it contains aloe, chamomile, green tea, tea tree oil, and vitamin E. Those ingredients are quite beneficial to the skin! To me, it kind of smells like one of those lightweight sunscreens. (Full size is provided, $19.99)
Sans Tan Pure White Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 (0.5oz)

When I first saw this in the bag, I thought, "oh my, HOW TINY!" lol. It's a little baby tube, but it's the perfect size to stick into your purse! ~Reapply your sunscreen ever 2 hours! Protect your face!~ I like how it's a natural and mineral sunscreen. I saw that it says "anti-aging" and I've been extremely cautious about anti-aging products these days, but because it doesn't seem to have crazy chemicals, I'm going to say it's going to do more good than harm to my face. It is paraben free and fragrance free, no retinyl palmintate, oxybenzone, or petrochemicals. Reef friendly, biodegradable and cruelty-free! The formula is a bit thick and I can tell you a little will go a long way! I saw Michelle Phan's recent vid ~link here~ using this sunscreen and I will now forever use the patting motion to apply sunscreen. There's not a strong scent with it. Another plus for me! Who can go wrong with such an essential like sunscreen! (though it's a bit pricy!) (Set of two 0.5oz, $25)
eva-nyc Therapy Session Hair Mask (60ml/ 2.03 fl. oz)

It says it's for all hair types and it contains Keravis proteins and Argan oil. I've never heard of Keravis proteins, so I did some researching on it. Apparently, Keravis has hair strengthening effects; it is able to "penetrate the hair shaft to increase moisture content and plasticity of the hair, and coats the hair to lubricate and reinforce the cuticle" (source here) This hair mask has a very unique/strong scent. Maybe it's just unique for me as I don't really use hair masks, and this could just be the norm...who knows. It's like a blend of plant/earthy tones and some spicy/herby scents. From the argan oil alone, I can tell you that it does what it claims to do: deeply conditions, repairs, and strengthens. I used to never do hair masks/apply hair oils/etc, but recently I've seen the benefits in using such products. As I have long hair (that I don't cut on a regular basis...bad me!), it is always good to protect and nourish my hair, and something like this will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky and nice and refreshed as well. Plus the packaging is so cute! (Full size is provided, $12)
LA fresh travel lite oil-free makeup remover wipes (8 wipes)

Another lil item to stick into my purse! I love the purple packaging, such a pretty shade! These have a "fresh" scent to them, which I find...okay. I am extremely picky with the scents on my facial wipes. It smells a bit like the Simple cleansing facial wipes, but don't quote me on that, I haven't used one of those in quite a while! I think it does a decent job of removing makeup and it's oil free and paraben free with a sensitive formula! (Full size is provided, $2.49)
Pacifica in Duo #1(Celestial and Opal) (0.07oz/ 2.0g)

I see the little cruelty-free bunny on the packaging! I always get excited when I see it this little Pacifica duo features a pale pinky white and a shimmery beige shade (with a little bit of a pinkish undertone). The pinkish white shade is a bit too chalky, you definitely need to use eye shadow primer before using it. I can see myself using it as a highlight and for the inner tear duct area. I think it would also look nice as a wash all over the lid as well. It's not as pigmented as it could be, and you'd definitely would have to work with it. The beige isn't chalky, and it has such a nice bronze-y finish (Beach goddess color right there!) Will be perfect for those summer nights. Overall, primer is essential with this duo (it will not last without primer), but the shadows are smooth and it's a nice combination of colors. I gently swiped my hand across the swatches and regardless of primer, essentially all the eye shadow came off. Sad facey. (Both shades are included in the Mystical Supernatural palette -4 shades-, $14)

[Image shows no primer on left, and with primer on right. I apologize for the angle of the right one, tried to focus in on the white pink shade more.]

Overall Thoughts

Those are the items I received in this month's Ipsy bag. I actually like the skincare/less makeup bag idea. It definitely goes above and beyond for the "fresh picks" theme. I love how the products on the more natural/less chemical side, and I see all these products can be used for someone with more sensitive skin. It's surely a good handful of products for any skin type. I love this bag, I probably will actually everything in its entirety (eye shadow...maybe not).

Retail value of bag: ~$53.98

What do you think of the "less makeup" bag? If you have an ipsy subscription, what do you like from this month's bag?

Have a wonderful day!