Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[Late] Manicure Monday Featuring Etude House Blueberry PP501 (and Review!)

Hello loves! I'm going to call this a Manicure Monday, just so we can keep these nail posts consistent. I do apologize for posting so late, as I've had a pretty hectic start of the week already. If you remember, I posted ~ages~ ago about hauling this nail polish, and I finally have a chance to blog about it! *claps hands* So without further ado...

Etude House had released a bunch of these absolutely adorable ice cream nail polishes a while back, and I had mentioned a couple of them in previous posts. The original haul post is ~here~ if you're interested in seeing what other polishes I picked up.

Blueberry (PP501) is a creamy, pale lilac color, very deceiving as it's named "blueberry". Very milky looking. If there was such a thing as purple milk, this would probably be the shade. The formula goes on a bit streaky, you just have to work with it. By the second coat, it will be a lot better. I haven't had a problem with the longevity of these Etude House ice cream polishes, and this one is no exception. No complaints with its performance! The brush is a bit thicker than typical brushes I'd find from polishes around here. It does make the whole application process a bit faster, but just be wary, as it can be a bit messier too! ~Here is a comparison of the brush from the Grapefruit shade and Essie's~

On my nails, I have two coats of the Blueberry polish, and one coat of Sephora by OPI Sparkle Me Silver top coat on the ring finger.
Overall, I give this polish an 9/10. I find this color very amusing. It's such a nice, soft pastel shade, and you get it in a cute little ice cream bottle too! I took off the point because the formula is a bit streaky, even though it's not impossible to work with. Just be patient!

Again, I apologize for such a late Manicure Monday post. I hope you have a lovely week! Keep on pushing through, it'll be the weekend soon enough!