Monday, May 19, 2014

[Manicure Monday] Featuring Daisy Nails and Zoya Pandora

Hello there beauties! Today I have a nail look that's a bit more of me experimenting around with a particular technique I found on Youtube. I also want to talk a bit about Pandora by Zoya.

As you may know, Zoya has a very large range of shades, even when you get down to a particular color, there is still quite a bit of choices you can choose from. For the indecisive person like myself, it can be quite overwhelming. I remember I wanted to pick up a nudey shade, and I chose "nude" to filter down the choices, but there were still a bunch to choose from! I ended up picking Pandora hoping that it wouldn't be too light nor too dark. I was hoping also, that it would be a more professional color as I don't have many neutral and muted shades in my collection.

Pandora is noted on the Zoya site *here* as a "medium pink-beige nude with blue and mauve undertones and a hint of pearly silver shimmer." Sounds like a lot going on in this polish huh? The pearly shimmer is extremely subtle, and the undertones are extra subtle as well. Honestly, if I didn't read the description, I would be like..."blue and mauve? Really?" You can tell there is a bit more than the medium beige-y pink, but I don't think it's too obvious. Maybe if you were to compare all of Zoya's nude shades side by side you can tell the difference a bit more. All I know is that I love this shade and it looks really nice with white detailing.

If you apply with a good coat, you can get away with just one coat of this polish. It's surprisingly opaque. The quality is pretty good, though I find the formula to be a bit thicker than I would like. (Nothing the good old nail polish thinner can't do, if I was feeling adventurous).

Overall, I like this shade. I think having a nude shade in my polish collection is a must and I think this one is perfect. In the future, I might pick up a slightly lighter nude shade, but this polish will suffice for now. Besides the thick formula, I have no other complaints about the polish. 9/10!

On the nails I have two coats of Zoya Pandora and the daisy flowers are Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Hello Kitty Banana Cream. To get the flower petals, I used a technique that Bubzbeauty did in her recent watermelon nail tutorial by bending part of a toothpick. I don't know how her toothpicks didn't break between the layers, but mine did, though it still worked out in the end. The middle of the flower I just used the back of the toothpick, which is a flat rounded end.
I think this technique is pretty easy, and it can be quite versatile for nail art. I can see this becoming useful in a number of different effects, and I will probably continue to test it out in future Mani Mondays. Also, the nude base with the white daisies work together oh so nicely. I really love this combination!

I hope you enjoyed my Mani Monday, and have a lovely week!

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