Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tarte Bright By Night Skincare Discovery Set (Sephora Exclusive) Review

Hello loves! Have you spotted this little Sephora exclusive? Have you tried these actual full sized products yet? Let's read on about the Tarte Bright by Night Skincare Discovery Set!

I was at Sephora yesterday looking for a Mother's day gift (and wanting that Sephora Mother's day edition bag with the butterflies!) and I spotted this little set! I actually had purchased mine a while back, when it was actually still on the site, but I didn't want to post a review if it was gone forever from stores. Since I did see it, I'm going to assume that there are still some of these sets around (and hopefully, if you're interested, you can find them in your stores and grab one for yourself as well!)

Sephora is selling this for $10! and after doing all the calculations and such comparing prices and product sizes with the full sized ones, I decided that this was well worth the money to give it a try. When I opened the box, my first thought was, "these are sooo tiny!", but $10 to try out Tarte products, I still think it's worth it!
 What's inside?

In this skincare discovery set, you get two products: pure maracuja oil (7ml/0.23 fl.oz) and maracuja C-brighter eye treatment (2.5 g/ 0.088oz), two of "tarte's best-selling skincare essentials."

Reviewing time!

The packaging for the box is so fun and colorful! It has the same design as the tarte's jumbo maracuja oil bottle. The products are in a glass, dark blueish purple-y container with lids that look like tree bark. The maracuja oil has a nice glass stopper as well! I would say that it only holds two drops at a time.

Before I purchased this, I was one of those people who are pretty skeptical about the whole idea of putting any kind of oil on my face. Does that even sound appealing to you?? I do believe that there are oils that are very beneficial for your skin, maracuja oil being one of them. The consistency of the oil was thinner than I initially thought it would be. It still has the oily feel and effect and it's a bit more viscous than water. It does sink into the skin nicely though! The eye cream is smooth and creamy. It feels like butter when I'm applying it, which is pretty good considering that eye area is very delicate. Both these products are lightly scented, I don't really notice it too much. The oil has a bit more of a scent, but it's not overpowering at all.

I do believe products like the ones in this set don't provide immediate results, but you will get results after a period of time. Beauty doesn't happen overnight, you know. ;] The way I use the oil is I will wash my face, dry, use toner (when I'm ambitious) and use two drops concentrating on my cheeks, where my skin is a bit sad with sunspots/hyperpigmentation. I will use whatever's left on my fingers to the rest of my face (avoiding my eye area). After that, I will use the eye treatment, concentrating under eyes, and use any leftover product on my eyelids. Sometimes, I will use a thin layer of aloe vera before putting anything on my face, and I might use a little bit of moisturizer after using the oil and eye treatment to the areas that I didn't concentrate the products to (such as my forehead/jawline area).

As I have long hair, that I don't regularly cut (shame on me!), I will occasionally use the maracuja oil on the ends of my hair, which will help give my hair shine, as well as protect the ends from being too dry and creating split ends. Just two drops will do, and I find that it leaves my hair feeling nice and soft!

Overall, I give this a 10/10: I think this is a nice "discovery" set, whether you're new to the tarte brand, or a long-time lover of their products. It's a nice, small travel friendly size, and the products do work nicely. I never broke out from it, and my eye area feels more hydrated than ever!

It can a very cute, little gift for your mother for Mother's Day, or just anyone! Skincare is always important, regardless of age!  Definitely give this set, or each individual product a try!

Have a lovely night, and a wonderful Mother's Day!