Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[Beauty Freebie] Receive a Box of Acure Organics Products and Snacks

from the Party Project video
Acure Organics is out on a mission and that mission is to eliminate dangerous chemicals from cosmetics and personal care products.

You can join the Show Your Face project and host your personal screening of Annie Leonard's short film, "The Story of Cosmetics" (Youtube link here) and Acure Organics will send over a box of their products as well as snacks to help you host your party.

All you have to do is:
  • Register
  • Choose "party with a purpose"
  • Choose a party date at least 3 weeks from the day you sign up
Direct link to sign up page *here*
Acure Organics' Facebook post about this *here*

Allow three weeks for delivery. I will most likely post a picture of items I received when the package comes; I don't know if it'll be the same as what they had in the video.

It doesn't look like there is an ending date for this, though they do have a contest if you take a picture of the festivities and deadlines for that are March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st. More info about that and about The Party Project *here*

Have a wonderful day!

Update 26 June 2014: They will send you an email a couple of days later saying:

"We are conducting a survey, and your response would be appreciated.

In order to receive your party set, you must complete your survey as per the rules stated on our website. The survey includes questions regarding commentary on Annie Leonard's "The Story of Cosmetics"."

The survey isn't that long, and I personally think that the video is really informative and an interesting video to watch. If you signed up for this, be on the look out for the email. It doesn't take a lot out of your time, and you can also learn about harmful ingredients in products as well!

Update 30 July 2014: Apparently they sent me an email at the beginning of the month and I missed it until they emailed me again today. I do appreciate their willingness to recontact me. I am setting the date at the third week of August and will get back to you. I apologize for being a slowpoke on this!

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