Monday, June 23, 2014

[Manicure Monday] Featuring Sunrise Gradient Nails

It is officially summer!  To welcome the coming of summer, I decided to play around with gradient nails (again!) but this time I'm making it resemble the sunrise (or sunset, whatever you want to call this nail style).

The last time I did a gradient nail look, I had a soft pastel combination- blue, green, and yellow (post and pictures here!) I used the same techniques as before, though I attempted to blend the colors more this time to soften up the transition between the colors.

I took a rectangular make up sponge and cut it into three pieces, one for each color. I then dabbed a bit of the Sinful Colors Soul Mate polish on one of the sponges and started patting it on 1/3 of my nail, concentrating more of the color at the bottom. Taking another sponge, I used Etude House Grapefruit (OR #201) and dabbed it in the middle of the nail, blending it into the edge of the pink polish. Using my last sponge, I used Sephora Hello Kitty Banana Cream and dabbed it on the tips of my nails, blending it in with the orange shade. 

Between each layer, and after everything is applied on the nail, I make sure that the colors are blending to my liking. I would go back and add more of a color/blend out a color as much as necessary to achieve the look I want.
I find that if you do this color by color (painting all nails pink, then orange, then yellow) instead of nail by nail (index, then middle, then ring, etc), the blending won't look as nicely, but it still does work.  The image above shows the process of me doing it color by color (left) and doing it nail by nail (right).  It's not a significant difference, though most of it depends on how you do apply the colors and create the gradient look. I'm no nail professional, so please excuse the messiness. 

Here is a short 9 second picture video on how I did the nails to help you visualize the process a bit better:

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely day and take care!