Monday, June 30, 2014

[Manicure Monday] Featuring White Stars with Sinful Colors Snow Me White

[please excuse the messy design]
Hello there! With the 4th of July approaching very soon, I figured...why not do a fourth of July related nail look. When I was looking through polishes and such to try and think of a design, I realized that I actually didn't have any nice red or blue color that I thought would nicely portray the fourth of July look. (Sad panda). I did have a white color (!) so I ended up with an interesting result.

I figured I can still make stars and that would partially still be suitable the holiday. I drew out a little star and used that as a template. Taking some sticky notes (tape or bandaids would work as well!), I started tracing parts of the star and it would roughly serve as a stencil for my nails.

I feel like I took the more difficult approach, but it did work (to some extent). I wish I had those nail art stencils.  >.< After using polish on the stencil, I would get a toothpick and some nail polish remover on a cotton swab and try to clean up the edges as neatly as I could (which wasn't 100% successful, as you can tell.)

The products I used for this nail look is Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Seche Vite Top Coat. I can see this working really nicely with a red/blue base, or even a red/blue base with blue/red dots for accenting.

I do apologize this isn't a neat nail design, but I hope you get some inspiration/star ideas for your fourth of July mani. Have a wonderful week and a safe fourth of July if you are celebrating!