Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Foodie Diary] Breakfast at Tea Elle Gardens Cafe

So...I've been thinking about how I could improve on my blog, what I could be missing, etc, and then I blog is called "life by snapshots" but there hasn't really been many snapshots about my life, so I decided in between all the posts of ManiMondays and reviews and such, I'd also include "snapshots" of my life, little details/moments of my life that would be fun sharing. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a foodie life journal..but food is life! (Yes...I'm one of those people who instagram their food constantly...I can't help it! Don't judge me...)

Anyways, I went by Tea Elle Gardens Cafe in Santa Clarita the other day with my sister to enjoy some tea and breakfast. My sister is one of those people who loves the idea of tea time (who could say no to the thought of nice porcelain tea cups and exquisite pastries). While this place does have fancy
porcelain tea cups and such, they are only up for display.

I've been wanting to go for the waffles, but when we arrived and perused the menu, there was no waffles listed (very sad panda). I opted for the breakfast wrap (eggs, cheese, onions, tomato, and hash browns wrapped in a white tortilla), while my sister got the half french toast (croissant dipped in homemade cinnamon batter) and a chocolate chip heart-shaped scone.

The scones are so nommy here! We always try to get one whenever we're here! The scone tastes good by itself, as well as with the clotted cream. The wrap was pretty good, a bit dry though. I was tempted to get some ketchup on it, but ended up not getting any. My sister loved her croissant. Plenty of maple syrup was provided. Quite a sweet treat for breakfast!

The tea we chose today is a lovely Fruity Berry tisane. I had no idea what that meant, but the menu included a description. Tisane doesn't contain tea leaves and has no caffeine even though they are often referred to as "herbal tea". This Fruity Berry tisane had a mix of hibiscus, elderberries, black currant, blueberries and grape. We had it iced, which I feel dilutes the taste and sweetness of the drink too much. It is still delicious though, I think I would have enjoyed it more hot.

We chose a chocolate covered brownie, chocolate cheesecake and a vanilla petit four to go. (Too full from breakfast!) Very decadent, exquisite little pastries. Even though they are quite small in size, it is not lacking in taste.
It's always nice coming here, and if you are in the area, do check it out! It's a bit on the pricier side, but it's a nice experience. The food is decent; pastries are good though, and there is such a wide selection of teas and such.

I'll try to keep future Snapshots posts less wordy, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Have a wonderful day!