Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Manicure Monday] Featuring Summer Lines Nails Using Scotch Tape

Hello there! The month of July is coming to a close! That means summer vacation is almost over for most of you lovelies...(not that you need a reminder). But while we still have summer days left, here is a sunny nail look using Scotch Tape!

So...originally I was thinking of doing sun smiley kind of nails, but then I remembered that I wanted to try out the whole tape nail art type thing. Since I don't have any nail tapes available to me, I used Scotch tape, essentially tape you typically find around your office or desk. I saw this idea floating around Pinterest and I thought I'd experiment with it.

I don't really have a name for the nails. When I showed it to the lover, he said it reminds him of vanilla ice cream cookie sandwiches (do you see that?) It reminds me of a lemon cake, dessert-y thing, but I'll just stick with the basic (just in case you think I'm going delusional) and call it "Summer Lines", for the sunshine yellow and the white lines. (I know...I'm very good at creating names... \(._.)'/
The whole Scotch tape method is a simple concept; it can get annoying for perfectionists though. All you do is paint on a layer of polish on the tape, wait for it to dry and then continue layering on until it's at the opacity you want it to be. You have to make sure it's completely dry, and then you can cut it into strips or shapes, etc. It's a bit difficult getting all the strips the same size; I haven't figured out any method for doing so. Once the strips are to your liking, all you have to do is place the tape on top of your polish/base coat. Trim off the excess and seal everything with a top coat.
before top coat is applied
I used 2-3 coats of Sephora Hello Kitty Banana Cream (creamy pastel yellow shade, but formula is a bit streaky) for the base coat and Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the tape nail art part. A nice coat of Seche Vite top coat is used over everything.

I think using Scotch tape is an interesting and different way to create nail art. I will probably try this technique again for maybe triangles, squares, or other shapes. Have you ever tried this technique out?

I hope you enjoyed the post. Have a lovely week! Take care!

poor little hello kitty looks like a demon with the lighting