Monday, July 21, 2014

[Snapshots] Big Lots Mini Beauty Haul During 20% Off Friends and Family Sale

I went by Big Lots last Sunday during their 20% off Friends and Family Sale and found a few items! As always, I'm quite behind on my posts, but here's a little peak at the items I purchased!

Big Lots has a 20% off Friends and Family Sale a number of times during the year. I have not figured out how often they do it yet. This is my second time going to their sale, and I only hear about the sale a day or two in advance. (I was really hoping I'd be able to find out sooner so I can post and let you guys know about it too. Sad facey)

Usually the 20% sale starts on Saturday for reward card members and on Sunday you just need a coupon and you're good to go. When I went in, they had a stack of coupons at the front, though the site usually has a printable version of the coupon available. Big Lots already has discounted items to begin with, and an extra 20% off is every bargain hunters' dream.

I picked up only three items this time:

epielle Vitamin C Cleansing Tissues ($1)
I was introduced to the epielle brand after my first Big Lots F&F sale. I purchased the Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissues and the Facial Essence Mask (cucumber), and I absolutely love them. So inexpensive and efficient! The tissues are just like typical facial wipes, they are pre-moistened and can take off most of your makeup. All the Cleansing Tissues are just $1.00! I don't think I'll ever look for other make up wipes now that I found these. I wanted to try these Vitamin C ones to see how they are. Will do a review of both the cleansing tissues at some point! With the 20% off, I only had to pay $0.80 for these (happy dance)

Soft Lips Liptint plus Bonus Cherry Flavor  ($1.50), Soft Lips Flavor Fusion (Pomegranate Blueberry) ($1)
I always see Soft Lips whenever I shop at Target or Walmart and it never seems like it's worth the money. For just one, I think I see it selling for $2.99. Since these were already on sale, I decided to give them a try. There was also a Flavor Fusion in Strawberry Banana, but I didn't pick that one up. These seem promising. They have SPF 15/20, which are good especially for the summer when I'm outside more. I have already opened up the Pomegrante Blueberry. These lip balms are so tiny! It has a little tingling sensation, but I have been loving blueberry/acai berry lip balms. With the 20% off, I got these for $1.20 and $0.80.

I will try to post something as soon as I hear about the next 20% off sale. You can also check out my Twitter *here* as it will probably be much faster and easier for me to post it there (I am a very lazy panda as you can guess >.<) But yeah...if you've never been to a Big Lots and you have one around you, definitely wander around there, there are plenty of steals and deals even without the F&F event.

You can check out the Big Lots site *here* to get an idea of what they have available in stores.

Have a happy Monday! I will be posting a Manicure Monday later today or early tomorrow. Take care lovelies!

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