Saturday, August 9, 2014

BzzAgent: Crest Be Toothpaste Review

Hello there! Today I wanted to do a review (ish?) of the Crest Be Toothpastes. I received these products courtesy of  BzzAgent for testing and reviewing purposes.

BzzAgent is a site that is similar to Influenster in that they have campaigns that give you an opportunity to try a product and talk about it. BzzAgent is different in that is it a word-of-mouth program, where you essentially go "bzzing" around and telling people your opinions of the products you receive. It is more of sharing person to person than person to social media. (If that makes sense.) I have been a member since 2012, and I have enjoyed their campaigns. One of my first posts was about a BzzAgent campaign. To check out BzzAgent for additional information, visit the site *here*

I received three products from the Crest Be line:

Crest Be Dynamic: Lime Spearmint Zest
This toothpaste is for those of you who aren't too adventurous venturing into different flavors of toothpastes, but do want to try something new. It is a fresh tasting toothpaste with a slight lime flavor.  This toothpaste is a sparkly green color with little dark green flecks.

Crest Be Inspired: Vanilla Mint Spark
This toothpaste is sweet and reminds me of a cupcake or a yummy dessert. Perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth! Even though you can definitely taste the vanilla, it's nicely combined with the mint, so the sweetness isn't too overpowering. This toothpaste is a nice frosting white color with a slight pinkish tint.

Crest Be Adventurous: Mint Chocolate Trek
This toothpaste was the one I was most hesitant on trying. I love mint chocolate, but in toothpaste form? I don't know... It's actually not as bad (?) as I would have imagined. It has a bit of an after taste, but it doesn't really bother me. You can definitely taste and smell the chocolate, which is kind of like a hot cocoa kind of scent. This toothpaste is a light mint color with little brown speckles.

Overall, I think these are fun flavors for toothpastes. They have such creative names to them too! I appreciate that they still have the minty-ness to them, so it still feels clean. I think my favorite is the lime spearmint; it's a bit more fresh than the other two sweeter ones. I have used the sweet ones numerous times before bedtime and I think it works just fine. It doesn't make you feel like you just stuffed your face with sweets before sleeping ;] I feel that the two sweet ones leaves a bit of a funny feeling in my mouth. 8/10!

Have you tried out different toothpaste flavors (aside from the typical ones)? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely day!

Disclaimer: Products were provided by BzzAgent for reviewing purposes. As always, opinions are my own. Post contains no affiliated/referral links.