Friday, August 8, 2014

Sale: Summer Sale Now Til August 10th! (Up to 80% Off!)

Hello there loves! Rarely do I ever blog about a site where I haven't reviewed or received packages from but is having a summer sale and its ending in a couple days!

[Image from the site]

I found the bornprettystore site while I was hunting for nail art brushes and such. The site has a lot (!) of nail art type items, but it also has the cutest makeup, jewelry, clothing, and random knickknacks.  I purchased some things from them last week, but I couldn't help it... and bought more things yesterday!  (Yes...I know I have a shopping problem...)

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon this site during the sale, and there are a bunch of things heavily discounted! (They have a number of items that are just around $1) Again, I've never purchased anything from this site before so I have no idea about the quality of the items or anything,  but I just wanted you to know that they are having a sale if there's anything on the site that interests you.

Image from the site
Some items that I purchased:
If you want to see more of what I purchased, be on the lookout for a future post about this haul! 

I think it's such a fun site to shop at. They have tons of items, and there are actually quite a number of product reviews and customer pics on the site, which always helps. The only sad thing is that it does say it'll take 8-16 days to arrive (WHY...whyyyy?!)

I hope you enjoy the sale.  Blog post (and haul/unboxing video) will definitely be up once I receive both packages!

Have a lovely day!