Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beauty Freebie: Etude House Cream Sampling Set

Skin Care Advisor is giving away free sampling sets of Etude House Creams! All you have to do is like their facebook page, share the post and fill out the form!

~Link Here~

The set includes Moistfull Flower Cream, Moistful Collagen Cream, and Moistful Aloe Soothing Cream.

The post says to allow two to three weeks for delivery.

For those of you who have wanted to try some of Etude House skincare products, give this freebie a try. I will be updating you along the way!

On a side note, I do apologize for not having any Manicure Monday posts for the past couple of weeks. I might just post one in the middle of the week or do a bunch at a time.

Another side note, I will be posting an official post at a later time, but from now until October 6, you can get 50% off circle lenses at pinkyparadise.com (referral link) using coupon code HALLOWEEN2014CHRISTINE.  From my understanding, I won't get any commission off of the use of the code, only if you choose to purchase through my referral link.

I hope you guys are doing well! Take care always!