Sunday, September 14, 2014

Food Diary: Adventures at Tomoya Sushi

Another foodie post for you guys! The love and I were craving sushi so we tried out Tomoya for his birthday lunch! (I didn't realize that this post was never published; it's been about a month since we've eaten here!)

First off, I have to mention that Tomoya is not an AYCE (all you can eat) restaurant. That is one of the first things I look for in a sushi place. Regardless, this place has exceeded beyond my expectations!
Entering the restaurant we can see a sushi bar to the side and a plethora of tables and booths throughout the restaurant.  Not saying the place is ginormous though. Everything is nicely spaced out and there's a good ambiance. It's so clean! We went at a random time during the day so there weren't many customers here.
Craving sushi, we were only after the sushi menu.  They do offer other dishes such as udon, soba, bulgogi, etc. Since we ordered a sushi combo plate, it came with miso soup! Yum! They do have lunch specials 11:30-3pm Monday-Friday that's also served with miso soup.
The love ordered the half shell oysters that I didn't want to try, but he seemed to love it! I prefer my raw oysters with a bit of lemon and spice none of these fancy vinegary smelt eggs concoctions.
Together we ordered the 10 piece sushi tomo w/ California roll combo and added on a Calamari Tempora roll. The sashimi for the most part were delicious melt-in-your-mouth pieces.  Ohmygosh. So good! I want to come back just to get more sashimi pieces!
The calamari were fried to perfection with the right amount of seasoning. It was good dipping it into the sauce as well!  The roll was ginormous.  Rolls like that makes me wish you can cut sushi pieces in half! It's still tasty though I love the sashimi pieces more!  (I've been crazily craving sashimi though so that could hinder my ability to analyze this lol)
Call us weak sauce or whatever but all of this actually filled us up with room for dessert! (I really wanted dessert though so I didn't go to crazy on the food ;] ). We ordered a green tea mochi which they made it look all fancy and added a fun chocolate drizzle. Yum! That really hit the spot after sushi devouring time!

All in all we can both agree that it was definitely worth it. It filled us up and ended up costing less than how much we would've paid for AYCE. I'm happy. Birthday boy was happy. It was such a good experience! Can't wait to go back!