Friday, September 26, 2014

Influenster: Vitality VoxBox 2014

Hello lovelies! Every time I post nowadays I always say that it has been so long since I've last blogged (and that's usually true). I feel like I don't have time for blogging these days :[ It took me a couple weeks before I realized I haven't posted about Influenster's Vitality VoxBox so...the time has come!

All the items I received in this box were courtesy of Influenster! I have mentioned in previous posts about the site and program, but it's essentially a site where you are able to earn badges, post reviews and have a chance at receiving boxes with freebies! It's a fun site, and I always feel spoiled from them. (Who doesn't like free samples?) If you want to check out my shenanigans on Influenster, check out my profile here! (It's not a referral link, I promise!)

This particular VoxBox is the Vitality VoxBox which I guess contains products that....keep you alive and well!

What's Inside the Box and Descriptions of Each Product:

 First Degree Advanced Burn Cream: First Degree Advanced Burn Cream's patented healing formula helps repair skin damage from all types of minor burns. Whether from cooking, grilling, using a hot beauty tool - or even a razor burn - trust First Degree to soothe pain on contact, protect against infection, and help reduce the appearance of scars. Burns happen, so be prepared with First Degree, the complete solution for all types of minor burns. ($5.97-8.99)

Unfortunately (or I guess fortunately for me...), I didn't actually burn any fingers or any parts of my hands, arms, etc since I've received the product. It kind of makes me sad because I can't review it yet. I wish I got a "protecting cuts" kind of cream; I've had plenty of those since this box appeared on my doorstep. #life. The cream itself is a thinner consistency, lightweight and can be easily absorbed into the skin. The tube reminds me of the Neosporin tubes. I can't really describe the smell to you.  It looks like it contains shea butter, but that's definitely not what I'm smelling. The cream itself is white, but after you dab it on, it's completely clear.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance: Introducing NEW Playtex Sport Fresh Balance with Odor Shield technology. It's designed to neutralize odors for ultimate freshness on and off the field. Combined with a 360 design for Sport Level Protection, you can go the distance. Play On. ($3.99)

I must confess that I actually did try it out this time around. (I think I have four or five of these boxes courtesy of Influenster now x_x) While I do like the scent and do feel that it is odor neutralizing, I don't think I would continue to use this product. It works and performs just how it should, but the "after" scent isn't pleasing to me. I actually felt sick after using it. Mind you, I did only use it for a day...excessively. This could vary from person to person, but I would personally prefer non scented products of this sort.

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum: First signs of aging? Keep calm and reclaim your flawless complexion with this innovative skin serum. Featuring a suspended caplet mini-bead formula that activates when dispensed, it helps to reinforce skin's essential moisture barrier, even skin tone and texture, and reduce the appearance of early skins of wrinkles for a revitalized complexion. ($60 for 1.0 fl.oz)

This is such a pricey product that I knew I would never purchase myself (at least not at this time). I always find the "caplet" concept fascinating. It's amusing looking at it too! It's a very lightweight serum though it doesn't absorb into the skin as quickly as I'd like it to. I've been using this product sparingly. This little magic potion in a bottle actually leaves a sparkly finish on your skin and it's supposed to be used before moisturizer. I haven't used enough of it to know if it's made a huge difference, so I will probably update you when I completely finish it. I'll continue to use it pretty sparingly though!

Pure Leaf Iced Tea: Pure Leaf Iced Tea is made from real brewed tea for that fresh brewed taste. It starts with the finest ingredients and adds no preservatives, resulting in a refreshing, real brewed tea with perfectly balanced aroma, body and flavor. (No price was provided).

This was one of my favorites from this box. It tastes absolutely perfect when chilled. There's no weird aftertaste and it wasn't overly sweet. I love the taste of it; I'm quite a fan of iced tea and I give this drink a two thumbs up! (And having no preservatives is definitely a plus! )

Softlips Cube: Think outside the stick with Softlips Cube. Revolutionary 5 in 1 lip care combines an advanced formula with an innovative new cube-shaped package. Lips look radiant and feel softer, smoother and more hydrated. It is available in three delightful new flavors: Softlips Pomegranate Blueberry, Softlips Fresh Mint and Softlips Vanilla Bean. ($3.49)

I love the shape of this lip balm. I think it's a fun shape, and if you tend to lose your lip balms, this one might be a bit harder to lose. ;] One thing I don't like about the packaging is how it's so easy to just nick the lip balm with the lid, and it's something I have to consciously be aware of when I do use this. I think this particular one has a muted but sweet vanilla scent and it does do a good job of moisturizing your lips. You will have to reapply a number of times throughout the day. It doesn't replace my coveted Mongongo lip conditioner (nothing ever will!) If you were to pick between an EOS lip balm or this one, I would go with this one. This product has SPF 15 as well as Vitamins A, C and E!

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies: New Bikini Ready Energy Gummies are a great tasting B-12 vitamin supplement that act as an energy booster. Along with a healthy diet and exercise program, this scientifically advanced formula helps to boost your metabolism and increase your energy so you can maximize your workouts. Bikini Ready Energy Gummies are a great on the go, guilt-free, pick-me-up. ($14.99) 

These little gummies look just like gum drops. While they do look fun and sugary, they tasted very bitter. I had an orange and grape colored one and they both don't taste that all (I rarely like the orange/purple colored candies though, so I might just be biased!). I've never had energy gummies before, but I can assure you my vitamin gummies taste better than this. Apparently two of these provides approximately 20mg of caffeine which is equivalent to about 1/4 of brewed coffee. I didn't really feel more energetic or anything after consuming these. I would say these are a miss; I wouldn't even consider using these as a dietary supplement if I needed them.

Those are the items I received in this Influenster Vitality VoxBox. If you've gotten a box, please let me know what product you loved. For me, I would say my two favs are the iced tea and the lip balm. I'm sure once I start burning fingers and all that I'll have a new love for the burn cream too; it's always a good thing to have around just in case. ;] Fingers crossed..hopefully it doesn't happen anytime soon but #BurnsHappen 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you haven't already, you can check out my unboxing vid below! (Still working on perfecting my youtube vids!)

I hope you guys take care! Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: Products received were courtesy of Influenster. This post contains no referral links. As always, opinions are my own!