Sunday, September 7, 2014

Manicure Monday: Striping Tape Nail Art #1 With Sinful Colors Sunburnt

Hello there! My nails have been so plain and boring lately which makes me sad, so today I wanted to share with you a fun Manicure Monday with one of my newer Sinful Colors polishes as well as nail art striping tape!

I've never tried striping tape before and this was quite an experiment for me. Striping tape is such a versatile item for nail art; you can do so much with it. Just let those creative minds run wild!  Because this was the first time I've ever used such tape, I didn't want to go too crazy. I just wanted to see how it works, the ending result, etc. I think it's a really fun accent to any nails. I've seen so many intricate and unique designs around the web and I hope one day I'll be able to create something like that.

Today, however, I just went with a starburst-y look and left a couple nails with a diagonal design. I really wanted to somehow incorporate Sinful Colors Sunburnt into the look without making it too crazy. I got the polish in my last PinchMe box.

If you haven't heard of PinchMe, it is essentially a site that offers free samples to a targeted audience.  Sometimes you could pick between 7 different products, other times you might not have any. I think that a site offering free samples is generous enough, even though not everyone is guaranteed samples. Samples usually go up at a specific time, and during this time, the site will crash, login will lag, all this stuff that is worse than me trying to register for a class in college. Some of us will have lots of products, others will be lucky to grab one. If you want to know more about PinchMe and its program, visit using my referral link here. If you want to skip on the link, just go to
Sinful Colors Sunburnt is a bright orange, pink, red kind of shade. I think this is the perfect color for the end of summer. Sunburnt...end of summer... yes? no? Anyways, leave it to me to pick a bright, obnoxious shade that I will probably not use too often. I do like it, and I will probably use it for nail art or little details here and there. As you may know, Sinful Colors is one of my most favorite nail polish brands out there. Pigmentation, longevity, quality is always on point and this polish is no exception. It has a gel/jelly- like finish, similar to the Essie Guilty Pleasures polish, which is why I used both these shades in this week's nails (one coat each!)

For the striping tape. I used #25 from the Bornprettystore site (direct link here). You'll see it being used in my video!

  1. Apply a base coat and make sure it is completely dried before moving to the next step. [My base coat for the ring finger is Sinful Colors Sunburnt, and for the other nails, I used Essie Guilty Pleasures. (one coat)]
  2. Put on striping tape however you want. I decided to do starburst shapes on some of my nails and a simple diagonal on the other ones.
  3. Paint the other polish on top of the base coat and striping tape. Go straight to the next step.
  4. Remove striping tape while paint is still wet. [I decided to just switch the colors around. Ring finger: Essie Guilty Pleasures. Rest of nails: Sinful Colors Sunburnt]
  5. Finish up the rest of the nails and you're done!
Video will be posted here once available!

The lighting really throws off the polish, I do apologize for that. Using striping tape is an interesting concept, and I know I will be thinking of other ideas on how to use them for future Manicure Mondays! I hope you enjoyed this post. I have definitely missed the weekly Manicure Mondays!

Take care and have a lovely week!
another angle of the nail design and nail polish shade.