Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Subscription Box: Walmart Beauty Boxes

Since the rise of subscription boxes and such, everyone's been trying to get their hands on these boxes. name it! Seems like there's a subscription box for anything and everything these days! WALMART HAS ONE! *throws streamers in the air*

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I'm actually pretty excited for this. They look like full sized samples similar to the Target boxes (oh how I wish Target has subscription boxes too!).

Walmart beauty boxes are going to be seasonal (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), so it will be four times a year. Each box is free, you just have to pay for a $5 shipping fee and that's it! Even though this box is filled with drugstore products, $5 for all of this well worth the money.

Link here:

I love inexpensive subscription boxes where you don't risk a whole lot for a box of unknown products... And who knows, maybe you will find a product that you will never let go of again. That's the fun of subscription boxes!

The first Walmart Beauty Box will be out for Fall 2014 and anyone who orders will get an email notification when the boxes ship and it will take 5-7 business days before it appears on your doorstep. I'm giving this subscription service a try, and will update as time goes by!

Do you like subscription boxes? Willing to give this one a try? Let me know!

Edit: 6 September 2014! I forgot to mention that after you submit and confirm, you will get an email confirmation saying that you've ordered. It includes the order date as well as the beauty box ordered (which, for this case is Fall 2014). Approximately every 90 days,  you will receive a new box and your credit card will only be charged when the box is shipped. For those of you concerned with Brandshare, Brandshare is Walmart's trusted partner for this beauty box program.

Edit: 19 September 2014! I just got the box in the mail! Will have a video posted in a couple of days!

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