Friday, October 31, 2014

[LATE Manicure Monday] Halloween 2014 Nail Ideas! (Using just a toothpick!)

halloween nails
Happy Halloween! Can I even call it a Manicure Monday if the week is basically over? (I don't think so..but since it's my blog..I say so!) I really wanted to give you some easy nail ideas using just a toothpick if you have heavily procrastinated on getting your Halloweenie spirit on.

I have a number of different Halloween nail ideas this year, and all you need is a toothpick! (Or a couple if you tend to break them like I do. T_T)

I have made some screen shots of the video I am going to post later today (uploading takes too long!) For some of you that learn better through pictures, the rest of the post will help you visualize the steps needed to create the little designs. The video is going to be around 8 minutes long, and that might be...a bit long for some straight and to the point steps here!

Eyeballs in the Dark:
halloween eyeball nails

frankenstein nails

 Ghost: (I messed up on the outlining part, hence you don't see it in my final nails picture)
ghost nails

 Vampire: (You can add blood for extra effects!)
vampire nails

I apologize this is such last minute! It's been such a hectic week for me (and I got sick again!) but I hope you guys enjoyed and can use these ideas for last minute Halloweenie nails. Take care and have a safe Halloween!
halloween nail art