Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lifestyle: Tips and Tricks to "Own Your Bed Head"

Hello there loves! Are you tired of looking like a hot mess in the morning? Embrace it! Or take a look at my tips and tricks for managing that monster on your head when you wake up!

A couple weeks ago, Casper (not the ghost, the company!) inviting me to be a part of their "Own Your Bed Head" project. I thought it was going to be a fun experience, so why not! If you've never heard of this company, do not be alarmed! It is a relatively new company, and they specialize in creating the "perfect" mattress for your snoozing pleasure. The site is easy to browse through, and they sell one type of mattress (but I guess if it's "outrageously comfortable and made of latex and memory foam", you don't need a second option ;] ) Check out their mattress here.

So...regardless of the quality of your bed, 99.9999% of us will still wake up with hair looking like it just battled a vacuum cleaner and lost.  I've complied a couple tips and tricks for you to help manage your hair in the morning. I one has hours and hours to fix their hair, usually for me..I just want to get up, get ready and run out the door. (Snoozing is a wonderful, wonderful thing.)

Products That Will Save Your Hair:

1. Dry Shampoo. There are those mornings where I go to bed with happy, clean hair and when I wake up, and my roots are oily. It just feels dirty and looks dirty and Dry shampoo helps a lot! Dry Shampoo can be used to help control the oily residue in your hair, as well as give your hair volume and life.

My current favorite dry shampoo is the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (direct product link). It adds volume and texture, and it doesn't take a lot of work to distribute the product through your hair.

2.  Leave In Conditioner. For those of you who wake up with dry or limp hair, try using a leave in conditioner before you go to sleep. You'll wake up with softer, touchable hair. You can also rub it through your hair in the morning to tame down the frizzy hair. You only need a dime size amount!

The leave-in conditioner that I've been currently using is the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Intensely Smooth Leave in Conditioning Cream (direct product link). This product smells amazing, and it leaves my hair feeling nice and shiny.

3. Treatments: For just about anything, you can use hair treatments for your hair to leave them healthy and nourish.

My current hair product obsession is the It's A 10 Miracle Leave in Plus Keratin (direct product link). This product does it all. It helps your hair manageability, protects your hair from styling products and heat and detangles, defrizzes and adds shine. If I decide to style my hair the night before, I'll use this product. If I want to style my hair the day of, I will use this product. If my hair is all over the place, this product will save my hair and calm it down.

Effortless Hairstyles to Get You Out the Door Sooner:

1. French Braid/Normal Braid/Any Kind of Braid. The night before, when my hair is about 70-85% dry, I will add the It's A 10 product in my hair and just braid it through and tie it with an elastic hair tie (tutorial to create elastic hair ties here). Using these kinds of hair ties will prevent your hair from  having that weird indent that you would normally get from regular hair ties. In the morning, all you have to do is un-braid it, tousle your hair, do a couple touch ups and out you go!

If you wake up in the morning with messy hair, my fav thing to do is creating a kind-of french braid, side braid kind of thing, starting from one side of my head going to the other side.
my hair has lots of layers!
2. High Bun: The night before, add some styling products, put your hair up in a high bun, and keep it up with bobby pins, or if you like moving around at night (like me!), grab a satin scrunchie. Using a satin scrunchie as opposed to a normal hair tie, will prevent your hair from having random kinks, and it will look a lot smoother in the morning.

If you wake up in the morning, you can also just throw your hair up in a high bun, add a cute little bow to accessorize and out the door you go!
3. High Ponytail: If you wake up, and you don't feel like doing much to your hair, just brush it out and throw it in a high pony. Get all that hair out of your face and move on with your life!

4. Leave It Down: If you're just too lazy to do anything, embrace your bed head! You can add a texturising spray, like the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (direct product link) or the It's A 10! to spruce up your hair.

Next time you plan on snoozing, give these ideas a try! They're sure to cut down on your getting ready time in the morning. Don't forget to check out Casper mattresses (whether or not you're looking to buy a new mattress!)

Have a lovely week and take care!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any companies or brands mentioned in this post.  This post contains no referral links. As always, opinions are my own.